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  1. Defraggler from Piriform is pretty good. Free as well.
  2. Samsung has proven that their SSDs are some of the best with the 830-series and now the 840-series. I would go that route. Although Seagates SSDs probably are good too. Look at the warranty and see which one is better.
  3. You have to try for yourself and find out what switches you prefer. Browns are good, but I prefer blue as the click is awesome. Red's are the ones I would buy for FPS games, but for RTS and MOBA I think blues are perfect.
  4. Here in Norway we have a site called "Multicom" that makes sleek looking laptops with beast gaming performance while looking quite "normal". Well almost. The problem is that if you want to game at 60+fps on a laptop the cooling has to be freaking awesome to cool the thing. That's why gaming laptops exist, because people who game want and need big coolers. You're budget is also quite small when looking for a powerful laptop.
  5. The 70D is better speced than the 600D. Although the 600D is good, it's not comparable when you look at it detailed. Hobby shooters may not notice a difference, but the extra megapixels, shooting rate and focus points does make the 70D better that the 600D.
  6. So today, as expected, Canon announced the new 70D. A new DSLR-camera which builds on the three year old 60D. Read more on The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/2/4484098/canon-eos-70d-dslr-announced-new-filmmaking-autofocus-dual-pixel-cmos So, I'm an avid videographer and photographer. I have the 650D, but I want to upgrade. I shoot mostly video, so the lack of proper auto-focus is a setback in situations I have to run around and get shots. With the new 70D Canon promises smooth and quick auto-focus with some awesome new tech specifically built around the cameras video mode. In my opinion this could really be big for DSLR video. It looks like Canon is starting to take the competition from cameras like the Blacmagic Cinema camera. If the new auto-focus system works like the claim DSLR video will indeed take a step in a direction towards proper video camera function. However, there are some very important things we don't know yet. Will the camera let you disable AGC? Can you monitor audio levels while recording? Why is there no headphone output for audio monitoring? To me it seems the 70D tries very hard to compel video shooters like me, but the lack of proper audio monitoring makes the 70D not much better than the 60D. Yes, auto-focus is a big deal, but for folks like me manual focusing is really in our fingers. In most cases manual focus in actually preferred since you have better control over the image. In addition, Canon mentions nothing about what lenses will be working with the new focus system. Do you need the STM-lenses to make it work? If it works with regular lenses like the L-series from Canon, will they make alot of noise while focusing? In that case it would just be stupid. The sound recording would be ruined. Lastly, Magic Lantern might be the solution that makes the 70D a great camera for video. The 60D already have full ML support and can output sound with a special cable, display audio levels and so on. It will however take some time. The beta-version of ML for 650D is not yet finished either. A ML-version for 70D is probably far off. Until 70D proves it can handle proper AF and proper sound recording, I'm not sold on the camera. As the 5D Mark II and 60D are very cheap at the moment I see no reason why you would't go for the full frame camera or a cheaper 60D with ML and an L-series lens for the same price. Sorry for the long text, but it's a topic I'm very passionate about.
  7. Holy s**t what a beautiful build. Really nice cable management and awesome sleeved cables.
  8. If you're building a PC for consumer grade work and gaming I say X79 is a waste of money. 3930k is a great CPU, but most consumer grade software and work don't require the CPU performance. I say this all the time, if you don't make money off the build get a Haswell or a LGA1155 CPU like the 3770k or 4770k. Performs great at the pricepoint. And you'll save money on the MB and so on. If you really want to get a 3930k and get a beast video editing rig you must remember that to get the most performance out of it you have to get excellent harddrives (WD Blacks for example) and preferably some sort of RAID array. In video editing CPU and CUDA cores are important, but people forget that if you work on video the harddrive setup has to be good so that you actually can utilize the CPU power.
  9. Raptus

    Best Free PC Game

    Dota 2 us much fun! It's practically free since everyone who owns it gets invites to give away all the time. I have 20+.
  10. Raptus

    Sexy cars topic.

    Time to give BMWs some love. I own one, probably will buy BMW next time. M5s are my favorites.
  11. How old is the router? And what router is it? A firmware update maybe?
  12. For software I rarely pay, expect for Windows and such. Adobe suite is something I can't afford at all, I mean jesus. Some companies like DaVinci actually provide a free versions of software so that you get used to the interface and functions. That way they secure future buyers of their premium software. Smart move. Games I always pay for now. Either I'm a fan of the series and pay top price at launch, or I wait a month or two and get the game at sale on Steam or somewhere else. As for movies and TV I download some TV-shows and movies that I didn't catch in the cinema and things I don't have access to anyways. I do however buy collectors boxes and blu-rays. My DVD collection is huge and my blu-ray collection is growing steadily. Music I don't pirate. Spotify ftw.
  13. If you really want fast RAM running at 1.65V it should work with Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge just fine. Intel recommends 1.5V with some margin upwards. However from what I see 1.65V runs fine. The argument of not running 1.65V RAM is that the performance gained isn't applicable to real world applications.
  14. After what I've read the lower end boards are not as good, but the high end boards perform well. As for me personally I always recommend Asus boards because I've had great Asus boards in the past - all the way back to the Pentium D days.
  15. Well this is an interesting question. Have you tried some mechanical keyboards? If you haven't there are lots of them that are gaming optimized with backlight and macro keys. The LCD-screen is a Logitech only I think, and the newer models are quite good as well. Logitech makes some of the best membrane keyboards out there. If you want a mechanical keyboard you also have to look up what switches you like the best! Razer Blackwidow is a gaming keyboard with a good reputation. The Ultimate 2013 edition rock Cherry MX Blue switches. Otherwise Cooler Master, Steelseries and Corsair also makes mechanical keyboards. As for a mouse you also have to find out if you want to claw og pawn it. Logitechs G-series are as good as they've altways been. Linus have covered some mice from Func that look awesome. I have a G700 now and I can both claw it and pawn it. Both keyboards and mice are very subjective things that you have to explore and try out for yourself :)