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  1. More photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmm4sY4W 7900x @4.7ghz Delidded with Der8auer direct die frame Asus Rampage VI Extreme 4x8gb Corsair Dominator Platinum Vega64 1TB Samsung 960 Pro 2x 512GB Samsung 960 Pro Cooler Master C700p custom painted Seasonic Prime Ultra 850w Titanium Cablesmods RGB-UV LED Strip MDPC-X cable sleeve Watercooling: Aquacomputer Nickel VISION CPU Block Aquacomputer Vega64 Nickel GPU Block Heatkiller Black Nickel Asus Rampage VI Extreme VRM Block Aquaero 6 XT Heatkiller Tube 150 2x EK PE 360 Radiator Aquacomputer Kyro M.2 passive heat sink Bitspower Fittings Bitspower PETG tubes Noctua NF-A12x25 on radiators
  2. I am currently running a 4k monitor with freesync, although it's only 27" Let me tell you that with 2x 290's I can hardly use high-ultra setting on most games to get a decent frame rate, but man the details are amazing if you can push it hard freesync/g-sync is a must for gaming however I have been having problem with most softwares I use since it does not scale up properly Something like photoshops, I have to move my head forward to see the icons and stuff thus I am planning to change mine to 1440 wide (also with freesync), I find out that it's still not the right time for 4k with the current gpu's I'm gonna use mine in the office with my macbook since IOS has better 4k scaling I heard a lot about submersion play experience especially with curved 1440 wide so that's my experience but it is seriously debatable
  3. Been a while since I post here some of my new toy 2 bestest things by Hanshen, on Flickr HHKB by Hanshen, on Flickr Pink Life by Hanshen, on Flickr TX1800 by Hanshen, on Flickr
  4. Never I get a heavy breathing over a projector, this is crazy amazing! a need for a man cave
  5. LZ SQ by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 1 by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 2 by Hanshen, on Flickr LZ SQ - 3 by Hanshen, on Flickr Freshly assembled, with Gateron Blues and gold springs Still having trouble with the keymapping software though
  6. Smexy! never knew you have a drunken bruh...
  7. Wow man.... it take guts to spray a clack, what color is it originated?
  8. Username : Jokrik Video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9 https://www.vessel.com/videos/eOKRkiWq2
  9. Well if you have that you don't need that detachable cable mod Since the case already came with it
  10. And this will be your end game, if they're in stock http://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=280
  11. Yeah and you don't have to get different cables just for it as other keyboards use mini I use mine on my old Filco white alps keyboard now since my mx Filco use tex case
  12. Yeah that's why, it's such a gamble I rather spend more to get a consistent, better built quality and easy rma monitor from a well known brand The replies hasn't really help me answer my questions though...
  13. Any QNIX , Crossover or any sort of those monitor is not an option I owned one and built quality is poor, other than the amazing backlight bleed Tried to tape fix it but still.... other than that I've to order the perfect pixel one and pay custom tax + the hustle for RMA ... big no for me
  14. My need for more screen space has been growing fast these days I am currently using an ASUS PB278Q and this monitor is amazing from my POV I do game but I dont care about all those 144hz panel, as long as it's a good IPS/PLS I'm a happy man So I saw linus take on the LG 34UM95 and the way he use it for work now, I think that is what I might need (a 3 side by side excel/word) I've a looked at what option LG have and ended my eyes on LG 34UC97 Problem is I can only get that on ebay for almost USD1100 and that will be before custom tax which would require an extra USD 200-300 It might be a bit of a problem as it's quite expensive, and I've to sell my PB278Q to cover for it Been looking for other option last night and saw adding a 24" 1080p monitor vertically would also be able to help my need the one that I have my eyes on is the ASUS VN278H and it's not expensive (around USD250) AND it has vesa mount (I use ergo tech on my PB and have an extra one for the VN, it would create a clean desk space) I need opinion on which is a better option, especially from people who has dual monitor setup with one vertical on the side GPU isn't a problem for me, I run 2 x 290s
  15. Thats very nice! How are you liking it so far? what keycaps are you getting for her? This is a good mod for your filco http://pexonpcs.co.uk/products/filco-keyboard-mods However mine has a female mini usb, and he did not offer mini usb anymore
  16. You might wanna throw that question over GH but pretty sure you can use the thickness of your filco plates since the phantom is compatible in filco case I might give it a closer look once I got home Only had 3 minutes of look when I unbox it than I've to fly away I also get the replacement case, and I see quite a bit of flex in it
  17. Good choice on the green switch! I might have change my view on filco Just received a KUL, will do a review comparing that KUL with filco and leopold but first impression, KUL looks really good
  18. My SSK and all the other boards has been sitting in the storage for a while, I like them but... I cant get my hand out of 68g Blues Maybe I've to force myself to change to other board one day I've been using a mini screw driver (the one that you use to fix your glasses) to help me open the switch up It's not hard once you know the trick and I can open a switch up in matter of seconds now
  19. Sounds great! so you are a 60% guy? I can imagine myself using 60% , but if I can choose, I would prefer the duck viper layout (HHKB)
  20. I heard this is pure porn for some people who dedicated their life to linear switch get a custom board, the perfect layout for yourself for this
  21. Some photo dump Red Translucent Collection by hansen_oe, on Flickr KWK BS Blue by hansen_oe, on Flickr KWK BS Black by hansen_oe, on Flickr
  22. I've been offered as well, but I dont think it's good for use/typing it's more of a collection or showcase in the shop but man it's one heck of a keyboard, so colorful