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    i5 4690k
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    2x4 Team Elites
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    R9 290 Tri-X
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    NZXT 210 Windowed
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    1TB Western Digital
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    Corsair -something-

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  1. I am not sure what ROPs are and how they associate themselves with the memory modules. I am tinkering with my R9 290 and the best solution is to replace the memory modules on the GPU. The problem was finding a more cheaper solution than spending $28 dollar on eBay for a used R9 290. The purpose of this project for me is to just to understand what I can repair and what I can't. It's a nice little learning project for me and I am having fun doing it. That being said, part of the goal is to find very cheap solution to repairing my GPU. After some research, I came to the conclusion that the DDR5 memory modules are the same on your PC memory stick as they are on the GPU. The question is, what stops me from actually just using the memory stick DDR5 memory module to replace the GPU DDR5 modules? That's when a person on another forum told me about ROPs. He said to his knowledge, ROPs are tied to each memory module and probably has some specific coding to each module. So what exactly are ROPs and how do they function and does ROPs not exist in a regular PC memory DDR5 module? (I would of asked that person on that forum, but apparently it shutdown as of today.)
  2. No, this is wrong. Company stock prices does determine and does have a factor in prices of the their products. News, events, does not change the over all trend of a market. It may have spikes of up and downs, but to claim the prices of GPU dropped because of "craze mining," is wrong. I invest and I trade for a living so I better know this stuff more than the average person. You can take my opinion for it or not, that's up to you. But I disagree with your opinion strongly.
  3. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4230397-nvidias-stock-may-fall A correlation between nVidia stock prices and GPU prices. As long as nVidia stock prices remain in a consolidation period (which it is), prices for GPU will remain the same and hardly be affected. The plunge in the nVidia stock prices in July 2018 was the reason you see GPU prices started to tank. 1080 TI from $1,000 to $500. Looking at the stock prices now, it doesn't seem to be the case this year so you'll probably end up waiting a long time for those RTX 2080 to drop significantly in price. Key word here, significantly.
  4. Not wrong to give no helping hand to a person who needs it. It isn't required by law. Doesn't mean it's correct morally or ethical, that's a total different subject. If you want to label things wrong and right by law, you're going to find yourself in a big bad of hurt. It isn't wrong for insurances company to deny you compensation for an injury until you take them to court and prove them liable. Here's a question for you, is it hard for someone to give out a 2 cent information on "pads" size? You're telling me that's liable for a customer to sue Gigabyte? Lol... Don't mistake it, it's douche-bag status on what some of these manufacture's are doing. I know this first hand.
  5. c00face

    Bad VRAM on R9 290X

    I thought of this too. Just to replace all of the 7 VRAMS on the GPU. But I think I came out with possibly a better solution. The problem for me now is figuring out how I can determine which VRAM is the bad actor.
  6. c00face

    Bad VRAM on R9 290X

    Actually, I did some more troubleshooting. I wouldn't need to remove the bad VRAM, what I can do is cut off the supply to the VRAM and make the GPU think that it isn't even there. Out of the 7 VRAMS on the R9 290, if one is bad, that leaves the care with roughly 3.5 GB out of the 4 GB. Which is actually 1080P capable. As far not being able to edit the BIOS on the R9 290... I got that covered. I guess more of this thread is really me trying to get more information from others and their opinion on the matter. And hopefully I can use that information to bring this card back to life. This is all just for fun and a nice project to really learn more and to dig deeper into the GPU sector.
  7. c00face

    Bad VRAM on R9 290X

    I wouldn't need soldering equipment if I'm just removing the bad modules. I'm not replacing it with anything. Also, most of the memory modules can be removed and add back on with just the hot air gun.
  8. c00face

    Bad VRAM on R9 290X

    I was troubleshooting and trying to figure out a cheap way to replace the VRAM modules on the R9 290x by getting my hands on a savage card from ebay. Then an idea actually came to me while I was pondering on my bed. Can I not just remove the bad VRAM modules and edit the vBIOS from 4GB VRAM usage to 2GB (the good memory modules) and just remove the bad VRAM modules? It wouldn't hurt to try, but I want to know if there is any consequences using lesser VRAM or is there some hard code that requires the full 4GB usage by the GPU chip?
  9. c00face

    Games Stuttering

    Check to see if your page filing is on or off and how much. Step 1 Right click PC, go to properties, advance settings, performance settings, advance tab. Under virtual memory click change. If it's off, turn it on. You have 1TB HDD, so uncheck auto manage, uncheck system manage, and check custom size. Initial size to 10,000 Maximum size to 12,000, save, restart. Step 2 Windows search, type in Power management, switch from Balanced to Performance. Step 3 Tinker with your graphics settings such as turning off AntiAlias, Vertical Sync, Quality to low etc... And see how it affects your FPS.
  10. c00face

    Strange Blue Artifacts

    You're using a TV as a monitor? If you have a PC Monitor, plug it to the PC Monitor and test to see if the artifact is there or not.
  11. c00face

    Strange Blue Artifacts

    This seems to be an on-going problem with Sapphire. Send a ticket through their website, provide all the SKU, S/N, and PN and ask if they have an upgraded firmware to address the issue. Upgrading to Windows 1903 will only make the problem worst because it seems Sapphire firmware is incompatible and updating Windows will only make it more obvious. Make sure to update all your Windows drivers, chipset driver, and any Sapphire updates that you've missed. Download Driver Easy program to do it for you. Just a side note, I am also dealing (what I believe) is the same issue. My card is also from Sapphire. Flashing my vBIOS to the newer version helped the artifacts and crash to slow down a bit. Sapphire tech support is very slow and sometimes unresponsive. In the future, I won't be buying from them again. Another test you can do is to underclock your card and see if that helps. You can download MSI Afterburner and reduce the Core Clock by 50 mhz - 100mhz (leave everything else alone.) Underclocking your card won't hurt it, and can be use to troubleshoot. Restarting your computer will reset it back to its default or you can do it manually through MSI Afterburner.
  12. c00face

    Strange Blue Artifacts

    I saw EVGA_OC application on your desktop. Make sure your card doesn't come already Overclocked by default. If it does, this can cause some stability issues as you're not the only one going through this. Download Techpowerup GPU-Z and where it say BIOS Version, copy and paste here. Search for your card specific model newest vBIOS on either the manufacture website or send a support ticket asking for the firmware update if they don't have it up. If tech support is non-responsive, you'll have to google it and download it from Techpowerup. If you do plan on flashing your GPU vBIOS, I suggest you save the original BIOS by clicking on "save" using GPU-Z.
  13. c00face

    Rx 470 no display, fans spin.

    Update your PCIe driver, enable PCIe primary in BIOS. If you don't know how to update your PCIe driver, just download Driver Easy. Your chipset also needs to be updated.
  14. Open your Windows search and type in Power Management. Switch the settings from Balance to Performance.