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  1. This sounds like the problem. You know how much it'll cost to repair this "touch IC disease"? Reason I suspect this is the problem is because I do sometimes fall asleep and end up sleeping on top of the phone occasionally after watching Youtube on my bed.
  2. I hardly ever use this phone. This phone is used just for security purposes like using the Google Authentication APP. Other than that, there's no service on this phone, I leave it at the house most of the time, and I'll use it sometimes when I'm on the bed for Youtube here and then. I replaced the screen about a year and half ago for $200 at a repair shop that is associate with apple (they have apple verified products,) but for the past several weeks now the phone screen touch screen refuse to work on the left side corner where you have the "back button." Just recently, now, the top side of the left corner isn't working. I went ahead and used the camera, and even that is showing black flicking in the background. It just doesn't make any sense to me why this phone would not be working if I ever hardly use it to begin with. Giving Apple reputation to do these kind of thing with their "updates" on the low, can this really be Apple's doing? I just really see no reason for this phone to not work at all. It's kept in such good condition even with the screen replaced. A little suspicious here.
  3. i was told what he did was illegal and I should get a lawyer. we both worked on a business project and he just ran off with it. but lawyers are very expensive, and i dont know if i can even afford it all.
  4. This is getting worst for me day-in and day-out. Betrayal, people who are just toxic by nature, scammers, people in position who wants to flex their muscles over you, the bitterness, the lies, the rumors, the hate, the unloving family, etc... These are the things that I've been dealing with since a child, and till this day, still carry the weight of it. I am at my breaking point. I can feel myself really tearing down spiritually, physically, and mentally. I am in need of help, but I have no where else to go, to post, to talk too, and the only place I can think of is Linustechtips. I've been dealing with these kind of situations excessively for very long years. When I try to escape, I can't, it brings me right back. And the bitterness because of all the hurtful things these people have done to me, is piling up and it makes me want to explode. I'm afraid I might do something that I don't want, so I need help. But I don't know where to go or who to talk too. Just recently I have a friend who is now showing his true colors as a scammer and only wanting for his own benefit, money. Just recently, some d-bag moderator from a discord I am part of that deal with trading, market, economics was kicked out because this guy is just an a-hole. The guy who I felt betrayed by, is taking a script we worked on for market conditions to make money, and he ran off with it so he can get paid $200 a month from subscriptions while I get nothing from all the strategies that I just handed to him. The family, typically brother, accuses me of everything and anything to all other family members, because I don't speak up or say anything... For years, he's spread rumors about me and it's caused a ruin in my reputation within the family. I get no respect because of all the lies and rumors he has done. I can go on and on, but... yea... I think you get the point. I need something fast or I'm going to really explode.
  5. This is probably unpopular opinion. But yea, I really don't see Bitcoin lasting any longer with Sycamore (Google Quantum Computer) being able to solve all of Bitcoin algorithms. Either that, or Google holds the power to cryptocurrency in the palm of its hand. For a tech company already as powerful of Google, to become even more powerful... I am talking in the trillions of dollars, it really does have Bitcoin in the palm of its hand. Sure, quantum computer has been out for a long time, but I wonder how many of it already has been mined by Google or what sort of secret testing they have already done. https://www.coindesk.com/how-should-crypto-prepare-for-googles-quantum-supremacy Just to clarify, I am a day trader, and I am one of those early investors of Bitcoin. I do believe Bitcoin have a special place in society, but the problem is these big tech companies really have way too much power.
  6. GPU failures will cause PC to force a restart or force a shutdown. PC is just running idle while monitor display "no video input." That's not signs of GPU failure, could possibly be faulty ports or whatever cord your using or maybe just overlooked faulty monitor. You'll need to run GPU Stress Tester to see if it is in-fact related to GPU under heavy load. So find a GPU Stress Tester and see what happens. Part of underclocking your GPU, I wanted to know if your PC will perform normally when it's not underload. Also, getting that DVI cable will really help to determine if it's just bad video ports or just whatever cable you're running. DVI cable is essential anyways, should always have one laying around in times like this.
  7. I forgot to mention that you should download hwmonitor and check to see if the board is delivering the necessary 12V. Download with ever program, but you’ll need to check if the card has the necessary power to run. This can make it look a faulty GPU but it’s in fact doesn’t have enough power. Set your PC in control panel to performance mode, open bios menu (del or F2 during boot) for motherboard and set it for performance mode as well. For your pin connector for PSU to GPU, make sure it’s the necessary connector which I’m assuming it’s 8-pin, and have it run to the PSU through a single connection without any adaptor or dual connected. This could also be a power issue. If you can, change the connection to a different 8-pin on the PSU.
  8. Don’t mess with voltage please. Under clock the core and memory. Leave voltage alone.
  9. I mean... if you’re not going to run some diagnostic on the GPU to isolate the problem what’s the point in even asking for help? Your local PC shop can run the GPU for you to see if it’s faulty or not, for free. Run the generic drivers to isolate if it’s driver related. Has nothing to do with running multiple screens. If you understand this is for testing purposes then what’s the issue of not doing it? Common problems of faulty GPU is exactly what you’re describing. The game can’t load some aspect of the GPU because it has faulty components and does a force ‘unable to load GPU.’ Follow by shutting down symptoms. To test rather it’s GPU related, download a GPU stress tester and let it run. If the GPU force restart or causes an error while running then that’s usually your answer. And it doesn’t matter if the card have 12 gb of vram. If one goes bad, then that’s it.
  10. Then your GPU isn't crashing. Literally, changing thermal paste on CPU is the same thing for GPU. Also, you still haven't done anything I asked you to do. Are you running a DVI cable or not? If not, can you swap it please and get off the HDMI. Just to note, please make sure it isn't your monitor that is just acting up and not your GPU.
  11. The 0_ on bottom side of the screen is an error code. Usually something like 0_024xEF, etc... That's my guess. You RMA'd the last 2070 super, that means on the website where you RMA the last 2070 super, you should still have the old serial number. If you can, please double check that old serial number with your newer 2070 super to make sure the manufacturer did in fact sent you a new one and not just send back the same one. And just for your information, the intel dx79si board has a PCI-e of 2.0. The RTX requires a motherboard that supports PCI-e 3.0, while the GTX 1060x supports PCI-e 2.0. I can almost bet this is your problem. It's why you're able to load with the GTX 1060x, but cannot with the RTX 2070. Your motherboard don't support it. Just my 2-cents. I doubt intel is updating their motherboard drivers for dx79si. Even if some RTX runs on newer boards in the PCI-e 2.0 slot, those drivers are up-to-date to support it. I just double checked their website for the dx79si driver, and they haven't even updated it since Windows 8 back in 2014. It's time to replace the mobo, sorry friend. For now, you'll have to stick with the GTX 1060 till you can upgrade your motherboard that has PCI-e 3.0 slot.
  12. Don't make the same mistake I did. I bought a open-box Asus RX 570 Strix for about $140 when you can get them for half the price on ebay used. Nobody likes the word used, but trust me, these cards are capable of running 1080p for most modern triple-A games. Getting them new is not ideal since they're really not a card you want to stick with long term imo. Go with the used RX 570. They should last you about 2 years if kept in good condition, maybe even longer. Add them on for warranty since most people don't make use of their warranty and never register their product. If you want new, look for something else. But within that 2 years of using the RX 570, you'll have plenty of time to really just chill out and relax while newer GPU comes out. By then, RTX will be 2 generations behind and in the same price range. It's a win-win imo.
  13. GPU was bought used or new? My friend, this sounds like a dying GPU. Turning off anti-aliasing, using less vram in-game settings will allow you to play longer without crashing. A component on your GPU is faulty is my guess. If the symptoms gets worst over time, then yes, you can almost guess it's a bad component on the PCB of the GPU. Just my 2-cents. But yea, try using less vram, turn off anti-aliasing, underclock your card, uninstall the drivers completely and run the generic display driver. If the card runs longer without crashing, I can bet it's a bad GPU. If you can, try using the GPU on another PC to test if it's a bad GPU. That will help isolate to solve the problem.
  14. I don't know dude. This whole section is filled with "AMD GPU is crashing, I just bought new AMD card and PC is crashing, etc..." Some of you who still think AMD is quality product, maybe should start rethinking.
  15. If you changed GPU and the PC runs normally, then we have to suspect that the 1070 is the problem. If you haven't changed thermal paste on the 1070 yet, I would go ahead and do that first. When removing the cooler off the GPU, check to see if there's any burnt marks on the PCB and components. If you have a DVI port, go ahead and use that instead of a HDMI. When it goes to no signal/no video input, we can confirm it is in-fact blank screen and not buggy drivers. If you haven't already undervolt your card using MSI Afterburner, I would start doing that as well. Underclock your core and underclock your memory for the 1070 with MSI Afterburner and see how it runs. Make sure NOT to save the settings or load boot startup with Afterburner. Download Z-CPU and search for update vbios for your 1070. Before flashing vbios on your 1070, make sure you understand the risk. There should be some sort of switch on your 1070 that allows you to change bios on the 1070 GPU. So before flashing a new bios, go ahead and use that switch and see how it runs. --------- Just reading what you're saying... I am trying to understand the details here. Are you saying that when the GPU crashes, the PC actually does NOT shut down, but just idles while on the monitor there's a no video input? Or does the entire PC crash along side with the GPU? (Have to be a little more clear here.) If your GPU is crashing while the PC is still running, then by all means, it is a high probability that it's GPU related. So switching to DVI port will help determine if the GPU is in-fact crashing or just the display port not functioning correctly. Usually when the GPU crash, your entire PC crash with it. So I'm a little confused here.