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    i5 4690k
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  1. Your straight up cut and dry. You're speaking as if, "everyone with the combo." And I'm telling you again, it seems to be a reoccuring theme with PC crashes with those who are running Ryzen and their GPU. That doesn't mean, everyone are having that issues. It doesn't mean the majority. There are underlying factors none of us know. This is speculation because I'm here to help him troubleshoot through the issue. Instead of posting useless comments about tech related, maybe chip in and help troubleshoot. Nobody wants to hear an argument or debate in a troubleshooting thread. This debate of useles
  2. Yea, because all information about crashes should be on Youtube. And the crash needs to be so bad that everyone is talking about it. /s Your idea of, "If it's not dooms day with tech related Youtubers talking about it, then it's not a big problem." It's out of reality. I'll keep it simple to what I'm saying. There are problems with the 5600x. And there are problems with AMD drivers and it's causing crashes on OP PC. I'm trying to find a fix, and was able to nail it down to drivers and not GPU or CPU related. Some who used DDU, haven't been able to fix it. Others disabled hardware
  3. Because it is all over AMD reddit? Shrugs.
  4. It's all over the internet with 5600x crashes. I have one, built one last week and it's always constantly crashing. I'm not talking about the 5600x crashes here in this thread, I'm speaking about the combination of 5600x and AMD GPU drivers that is causing a problem. Most of the crashes of people who has AMD GPU, they also have Ryzen CPU's.
  5. K, thanks for going over something we know. And that's partially wrong. It has something to do with AMD CPU and AMD GPU drivers causing crashes. You can find a temporarily fix with the thread above I posted.
  6. Looks like a driver problem. Have you ever uninstalled your driver with DDU in windows safe mode and then reinstall?' Looks like I found your error that cashes random crashes with RX 500 series. Go here and see what people are doing to fix it,
  7. Get another GPU and test if it works. Get another PSU, test if it works. If you can't do any of this, you'll need to take it to a shop to test it for you for free. You don't need them to fix it, just ask if they can test to see if it's dead or not.
  8. You need to test out if your GPU is working and your PSU.
  9. Homie, look for critical events.
  10. Keep searching through it to see if you see anything hardware related.
  11. Test your GPU. Go to Search next to Windows startup, on your task bar. Type in, 'Event Viewer', on left hand side, double click Window Logs, click on System. Look for critical where your PC constantly shut downs. See what it is saying and what hardware it is.
  12. I mean, you don't want to do both. You either leave it on eco or you manually change your core voltage and cpu clock. Pick one or the other. In this case, I don't even think it's your cpu anymore. It's probably your GPU, but you have no way of testing it.
  13. Yes, if are undervolting using the youtube guide, it's not stable. During IDLE, it crashes. I recommend putting everything back to default and just setting it at eco mode in your bios. Leave everything else as is.
  14. Yes, that's the reason for the build. It allows you to build it now and surf, play casual games with the igpu and be up-to-date with tech on Ryzen 5000's. You then can just hang out and wait for a better price on GPU. If newer GPU comes out before then at $500, you can just buy that as the 750watts PSU allows you to upgrade to a better GPU.
  15. Reseat all your hardware, make sure it's properly latched. Check plugs. Download malware scanner and try to see if you're infected with a mining malware that uses your PC to mine crypto.