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  1. If Linus changed his hairstyle he would literally be Johnny Rotten.
  2. Unless I'm playing something like Life Is Strange which really depends on me actually listening to the game to enjoy it I listen to my own music
  3. Just because the law says something that doesn't make it right
  4. I honestly think he was killed before he got a chance to kill himself, because he said he was going to post what happened on his blog and kill himself the day after, but no, he died on the day he tweeted that stuff, Monday. Someone also deleted his Twitter account:
  5. This turned up on 8chan, he was definitely arrested:
  6. Looks like nothing went up on his site... I can only wonder why... http://ianmurdock.com/blog/
  7. He's saying that he's going to write up his experiences before killing himself, not that he won't kill himself. I'm assuming he'll put evidence up too.
  8. Ian Murdock, creator of Debian went on a disturbing rant about an encounter he had with the police on the 28th of December. https://archive.is/OPlI7 http://techaeris.com/2015/12/28/debian-founder-ian-murdocks-tweets-raising-eyebrows/ His twitter was deleted yesterday, some believe his account may have been hacked or that he was intoxicated, however he said that he would post his experiences on his personal blog before killing himself, such a blog post has yet to surface. There has not been any other news from him since. Edit: We couldn't stop him: https://bits.debian.org/2015/12/mourning-ian-murdock.html Some people are saying that he recorded it because of these two guys: Edit2: There is evidence that he was actually arrested: Note: I haven't included the replies to other people here, if you need those go to the archive link
  9. Because everyone's a giant wuss who doesn't want to make a move because they're scared they'll lose all their luxuries.
  10. LibreOffice should be higher than OpenOffice, it's much better maintained. I suggest ENIGMA Game Maker as a alternative to Game Maker. It's libre and Game Maker compatible. Nano should be higher up than vi/vim since it's easier, and add Links2 to the Linux terminal stuff (it's a text-based web browser that's really good). Qemu should be on the list of virtualization tools. Transmission should be first in the list of torrent programs, it's simple, easy to use and has a no-nonsense interface. Tox should be on the list of chat programs. DosBox should be added under gaming. The Darling Project should be there somewhere too. The Atom editor should be under development tools, and '(IDEs)' should be removed, because there are far more development tools than just IDEs.
  11. It doesn't matter if it's right or not, the teacher is allowed to by law according to the law he linked that was passed in 2011
  12. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for next time
  13. "You can use but can't modify the pictures on the school website because they're open source" "an if loop"
  14. Oh ok then, thanks. I did do some research on this, I just couldn't seem to find anything, your google-fu is obviously alot better than mine.
  15. Idk if he did or didn't have a passcode on his lockscreen
  16. Does anyone have any resources, like something that I can show to a headteacher or something to show that it's illegal?
  17. So apparently, in my school a kid was made to give his phone to a teacher, the teacher then proceeded to go through his phone and copy all his stuff off of it. He did this because there was a fight and the teacher thought he'd have a recording of it or something, the teacher called the kids parents and told them he had been in 'gang related activities' (the kid's not in a gang and the teacher's already been warned about going round calling any group of kids a 'gang' before). I'm angry that a teacher would do this anyways, but is it even legal?
  18. Dead Ubisoft: Your entire team should go back to game-dev 101