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Everything posted by zappian

  1. Its been fairly meh , Also rip tacos .
  2. Hello people . I havent really watched that much anime but I do wanna say hello to the cool people on this thread. Howdy.
  3. Yeah I havent been that much involved in tech stuff . Stopped checking out linus channel and kinda dropped out of the forums gradually . You guys are gonna have to fill me in on whats up.
  4. zappian


    Nvm misread. Just get the lpd 8 if you have the keyboard already.
  5. zappian

    Hey I'm new! :D

    Hello , Welcome to the forums.
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    2. zappian


      Y u no answer on steam fox loli person.

    3. KemoKa


      Steam is misbehaving, it won't open for some reason.

      Am try fix.

    4. Xaring


      Thats the spanish flag? Are we finally invading portugal?

  6. Just use libre office or open office which is what i use lol.


    I am still very new at music production but heres a track i made.


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    2. zappian



      Its kinda shit I know.

    3. Ceatra


      dat begining tho 

    4. Ceatra


      kinda reminds me of pokemon

  8. Are you serious? I mean lets think about this that picture looks fake as f** and it goes over the character limit. If you use your brain you will reach the conclusion that that image is fake as hell.
  9. Finally got orchestra samples on my ableton.
  10. I hate this new forum . I was quoting a post and then the software crashed and i could not post. Smh.. The old one was fine. Anyways those Hyper X are pretty good heaphones unlike anything razer makes.
  11. Dont reply to the troll please. He will eventually crawl back to his parents basement its fine.
  12. Got ableton live like 2 hours ago and this is my first decent track. Please have mercy,
  13. First of all your writing is a mess . Second of all how Luke lives or doesnt live his life is none of your concern , not everyone is the same or wants the same things and you sound like a overly attached fan and honestly it creeps me out A LOT. I wish some people could leave others alone.
  14. I am making this thread to share a genre I like a lot and is currently not that well known. VaporWave is a new genre of music that focuses on 80´s and 90´s nostalgia and sampling of things like jazz , pop , muzak , jazz etc.. The tracks are usually slowed and pitched down and have sort of an ethereal and dream like feeling. The genre in itself is not that well defined by its sound but mainly by its visual aesthetic, often including objects from the past (specifically the 80’s and 90’s graphic styled) video-game consoles, windows 98´s icons and desktop, as well as busts and columns with japanese letters and 80´s filters . I will list some interesting tracks if you want to give a listen:
  15. Gonna leave here my latest reddit PS battles images . You might enjoy it . Also started watching erased per Bash suggestion and I am liking it a lot. Its a pretty good thriller anime.
  16. One of my reddit photoshop battle imaghes got featured on the huffington post !






    Also I think  my new photshop battle submission is my best work yet.

    Chimp fu : 





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    2. KemoKa


      Wow, it was legit! You made it :D

    3. Ramamataz


      good job mate :D

    4. Ceatra


      Chimp fu xD


      Congrats :D 

  17. Looking for new animes to watch . Last one I watched was one punch man . Any recomendations ?