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  1. Yeah, we need to just put that video aside. Gsync and Freesync basically have zero lag as long as you stay bellow the refresh rate (so employ an fps capper etc). It's also worth noting, just going to 144hz alone makes tearing and frame judder ALOT less noticeable.
  2. It's not that, the monitors don't really affect the latency numbers THAT much, just the scenarios tested and the information given out wasn't very good. I know Linus' videos are usually meant to be basic, usually they are pretty good for what they are, this videos however was bad IMO.
  3. Yeah, I rememeber when AMD said Freesync would be in review's hands september 2014, I think they missed that date by almost a year or something.
  4. TBH, regarding Linus' video, I'm of the opinion that it's pretty bad, coming from someone who really knows all the sync solutions inside out and really cares about input latency and were it comes from.
  5. I don't see why AMD couldn't do the same thing tbh. But yeah, atm nvidia are the only one with this sort of frame sync. It works similar to how borderless windowed does, but without the 1 extra frame of latency windows adds when running windowed.
  6. OP, you might also be interested in the upcoming Fast sync. lemme link a video. It basically allows you to have really low input latency as well as no tearing, but you still get frame judder.
  7. Vsync give input lag only when your fps is fully capped out at the limit of your refresh rate. Gsync and Var sync also gives input lag in this exact same situation, so with gsync, it's HEAVILY advised to run an fps cap slightly bellow your refresh rate, like 140 fps cap for 144hz.
  8. Gsync is completely different to fast sync, they share some things, but in the end, they have quite different pros and cons, for instance, if you let gsync just run at it's maximum framerate (ie 144) you'll created what Tom Peterson was calling "backpressure", which means massive input latency, fast sync doesn't have this issue, making it ideal for games where you really need 200 FPS atleast, such as CSGO. personally, I'm hyped as fuck for Fastsync, I've been wanting this sort of technology to become a thing for ages.
  9. Fast sync is a new type of Vsync from nvidia, it is basically vsync without the FPS cap or massive input latency. In regards to OP. #1 FastSync works on pretty much any Nvidia card #2 FastSync is done in the driver software but isn't in the current driver, so you'll have to wait until Nvidia releases a new Driver with the Feature included. I imagine this will be around the time the official GTX 1080 driver is out, or later on if we're unlucky.
  10. Doesn't really exist, Final mouse kinda has a similar shape while being top notch in all other departments. Edit: Infact I had g400 shape in my mind.
  11. Something similar to this can happen when the driver crashes, you got any overclocks running?
  12. Fair enough, although they're both irrelevant for OP.
  13. You want the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2, very highly regarded PSU, you can also spend a bit more on a 650 if it makes you happy, but 550 watts is plenty. I think the G2 is the only PSU to get a 10/10 score from jonny guru, so it's pretty special. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=440 The other EVGA units aren't as good.
  14. Oh, an interest thing to know about the Razer Deathstalker, is it's pretty much Razer's version of the SteelSeries Apex line. I notice sometimes SS release something and like 12 months later razer release a similar product, something fishy going on by the looks of it. Maybe Razer just likes to make copy cat products, I dunno.
  15. Just get anything you think looks good, is mechanical and fits your desired form factor, for instance I only get keyboards that don't have the number pad on the right (ie ten-keyless) RGB is usually just a gimmick so manufacturers can sell more keyboards, but if it's something you want, power to you, also extra macro keys are usually gimmicky IMO to, but I imagine some people might have a niche use case for them. Personally I use a Filco ninja tenkeyless with blank keycaps and reds.
  16. Yes, having variable lighting on a mouse (ie pulsing or cycling light modes) does cause tracking to be worse, my guess would be that a poll that would normally send mouse movement data instead instructs the mouse to change colour, but that's just a theory. Try enotus mouse test for tracking smoothness etc. When I used a razer deathadder Chroma for a few weeks, I noticed the tracking would be less smooth, both in tests and by looking at actual cursor movement. Setting the colour to a static colour or off improved tracking. Edit: It affects tracking smoothness, not so much input lag and real dpi value.
  17. Yep, just goes to show that the top end compounds make a massive difference, and the IC Diamond was used really just isn't up to the job. Also proves my point that Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a good alternative to liquid metal, because Kryonaut is even better than the Gelid GC Extreme used in the article.
  18. I get the feeling you're copy/quoting that from a certain someone :333 But yeah, it's pretty sucky overall, Nvidia are probably going to try to rely on Gameworks to hamper AMDs performance in order to stay competitive.
  19. Oh, I just noticed in my original post, I implied Kyronaut was as good as LM, that was a mistake, I meant it somewhat close, while not being conductive at all.
  20. I'm not saying it's better, I'm just saying it's a lot better than other normal TIMs.
  21. Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut is surprisingly close to LM if you look at the numbers, I can't talk for their LM, since I haven't looked at it much. Any other TIM that isn't LM and I'd agree with you, it isn't worth it, but Kyronaut is really good.
  22. 3 degrees is probably the worst result I've seen for a 6700k delid, I can only imagine it's because IC Diamond was used. For delids Thermal Grizzly Kyranut is decent, it's close to liquid metal without being conductive or hard to clean up. And just an FYI, TG Kyronaut and liquid metal have a pretty big lead over other compounds for delids, it's not just an extra few degrees.
  23. That's probably without the ridiculous Shadow distance and Render distance options enabled though.
  24. Probably run worse wouldn't it? GTA 5 is certainly more multi-core aware than some games, but DX11 will still hog a single core no matter what.
  25. No issues what so ever, just have them both plugged in how ever, and choose your default devices for audio/mic in "Sound".