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  1. AMD wanted RX 480 to be near GTX 960 performance. And I assure you GTX 980 is far faster than RX 480, unless you're lucky to overclock it on aftermarket.
  2. Luke did like entire video on that: 40FPS at least. Up to 70FPS.
  3. Isn't Founder's GTX 1080 running 4K at 40FPS on high/ultra?
  4. We already lost against binary computers, what would make you think that quantum computer which is supposed to be superior to binary computer, would lose against human brain?
  5. No. The "dude". Asked question on which should you go for, without overpaying. It means the cheapest viable decision. He doesn't need GTX 1070 performance for 1080p, if RX 480 does rock ~60FPS in modern titles.
  6. And yet nobody is willing to afford SuperCard Gaming-Z 962 Ultra, which costs 1 million USD, which has same FPS/cost ratio to RX 480. That's not an argument for someone on tight budget.
  7. And it's also nearly twice the cost.
  8. Battlefield 4 seems to be it. Added to list. I still search for some other games.
  9. Are there "cool" people in Battlefield 4 who have fun, or is it massive "everybody for themselves"? I'd like to go premade with friends, but I'd like to play as a team, instead of just running in separate directions.
  10. False marketing does. Because they told us that it performs as GTX 1080 in Ashes of Singularity. Maybe instead of cherry-picking the title, they should make wide testing. If they would show benchmarks from other games, that's a different story. It's their fault, not communities. I wonder why just few. You just confirm it. I guess it didn't hurt to make another account, eh furry? Another muted kiddo with superiority complex . It's funny how you decide who is ignorant and who not. Maybe if you weren't hypocrite, things would've worked out better.
  11. These titles are constantly getting replaced. I'd like to play something that stays here for always and is just getting updates.
  12. Nobody forces you to answer. I already mentioned it. Specifically: If you don't like to topic, why bother? Do you like "ruining" people's day, like that furry over there? Yes, but where's the bottleneck in VRAM speed?
  13. "we're doing just that", "we" as in "you"? You know what, I learned my lessons from previous topics. I won't engage into discussion with you, it's pointless, you got LTT staff on your side anyways, so I'm off. Nice that IP.Board features ignore function. I don't need to be bothered with your bull.
  14. Proof? Link? Anything? I find it hard to believe that transporting 60 frames per second just from pure VRAM is bottlenecking the game.