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  1. Crimping up new cables isn't hard whatsoever?
  2. God no Some hard metal yeah, but very little amounts of it
  3. Nope, nope..... NOPE. Get this out of my life, now...
    1. TheSLSAMG


      ultimate top kek sweg

      and i can't believe i am still awake

    2. IVIeLt


      Keep watching them videos, I don't think you could ever sleep again

  4. So I am trying to prove a point here, In this thread I used this account to prove that the mods are quite shit, while my main account was banned for 3 days, this account, on which I acted like much bigger of an asshole with got no warning whatsoever. Good job mods http://i.imgur.com/HayaMsn.png

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    2. IVIeLt


      Really not caring much at all. It's not like I have other accounts so I can fuck with their shit ;)

    3. Lord Pantaloons
    4. IVIeLt
  5. Yeah there's improvements, but stock clocks are lower and OC potential doesn't seem all that great so FX is better IMO
  6. Please refer to this Because if you beleive anything you have said here at all, then you seriously cannot be shown logic. I'm done, you believe whatever you want, but enjoy your sub par computing experience brought on by your complete retardation.
  7. Because you run that same chip on a D14 and your fans will be running at much higher RPM You could probably get away with running NF-F12's at 5v each with 480mm rad space if your only running a CPU in the loop, then a D5 can almost run at it's minimum RPM and still power that loop well enough. That's more silent than any air cooler can be
  8. Well in that case you either picked a shit pump, or shit fans, or don't have enough radiator area. Any of these reasons lead back to the same cause, you fucked up
  9. If your loop is louder than any air cooler out there, then you fucked up, it doesn't matter on the specs, you fucked up. You obviously have no idea about watercooling whatsoever, clearly pointed out by the fact that you think air coolers are more silent.
  10. Well you've obviously fucked up big time on your loop then. And Air coolers are good for near any CPU if you get a good air cooler, but the fact of the matter is that putting a D14 on a OCed 4770k will mean you need much higher fan speeds to keep temps in check than what you would need if you had a good radiator on it. That makes noise, that's just fact and pretty much common knowledge.
  11. Even at stock clocks, under load your going to need pretty high rpm fans to keep things in check (1300rpm or so) Where a water cooler you can ramp down the fans very low as well as your pump. There isn't a comparison here so please stop arguing a null point. If you had any experience with a custom loop at all, or ever even seen one, then you would know what your talking about, but it's so very clear that you don't have a clue, so just stop cause this is quite embarassing to see you spit out complete rubbish like this
  12. more surface area means lower rpm on each fan, means lower noise. No air cooler can keep as silent or cool anywhere near as well as a custom loop, unless your running like a single 120mm rad, then it might be on par