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  1. Ooo... This might replace Open Sans as my new default favorite, thanks for the post!
  2. I was going to make a joke about suddenly becoming hesitant about enjoying fresh toast in the shower, but then I started thinking about how far safety regulations have come regarding electricity. Bathroom outlets all (should) have those safety cutoffs that immediately cut power when any electric surge occurs.
  3. Did 0:25 - 0:35 make anyone else think of Halt and Catch Fire's intro theme?
  4. I recently watched an interesting video by Kyle, and if the Cryorig heatsinks work in a similar fashion, I think I'll stick with the H5.
  5. Phanteks Evolv beauty plus bottom-to-top airflow? Damn, this just might replace the Evolv matx and FT03 mini as my favorite case.
  6. I like the look of the new R5, but I'm curious about how well it will perform compared to the H5, and also what the price difference will be. They are both designed for zero RAM interference, and as such seem to have the same total depth, but the H5 is about 80% heatsink to 20% fan, and the R5 is about 50/50. So sure, the R5 will have much more airflow, but through a much smaller heatsink. So again, I'm curious to see how well it does.
  7. Oh, woops! I totally spaced on the motherboard size, sorry about that. There is a m-ATX version, but IMO it's not designed as well.
  8. I'm partial the the original Phanteks Enthoo Evolv, but that is definitely not a small case. Have you looked at the Silverstone FT03-mini?
  9. Well, they did it once before with the Prodigy, so this has my attention. EDIT: Oh wait, is this the Pillow case?
  10. 450w fully modular Bronze PSU designed by Super Flower for $40. Nice.
  11. 570x is $180 US. Enthoo Evolve ATX with tempered glass is only $10 more. I don't think the slightly cheeper price makes up for the lack of quality and material.
  12. I don't remember the exact episode, but he has a sensor on his forehead that detects the lightness/darkness of someone's skin. When it focused on Troy, it asked if it should call the authorities.
  13. Anybody else a fan of Community? Pierce Hawthorne had something like this... Seriously though, nobody tweet that thing to Donald Trump.
  14. I'm tempted, but I know that soon as I get it, they'll announce the iBook 2.
  15. As a fan of grey, I like this card. How difficult would it be to remove that eyesore of a red shield? Hope it's just a sticker.