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    Oregon, United States
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    Computer Engineering, Game creation, 3d modeling
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    Intel CPU Design


  • CPU
    i9-7980xe @ 4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Rampage VI Extreme
  • RAM
    64gb G-Skill 3000mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac gtx 1080 Arctic Storm
  • Case
    Tower 900
  • Storage
    512gb 960pro, 2x240gb kingston SSDs raid 0, 3tb hdd
  • PSU
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    Custom liquid hardline
  • Keyboard
    Logitech g510
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga
  • Operating System
    Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04

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  1. CPU is fine, PSU is prob also fine, I am betting its the MB.
  2. Also, when you say it is a new mb, did you just rma it or did you confirm it is a new board. I had asus lie to me about testing my R6E when I rma'd it. Ended up being the board after 3 months and a new psu that didnt change anything
  3. Nice build. Can you list the exact steps and parts for the screen mod. I have a very similar build. Love the build so far.
  4. Heat the part that stretches more than the compressing side. You will still tend to get a bit of flat but its not to bad. Also heat up a larger area on the part that stretches.
  5. Tower 900 is bigger. I think it looks better but thats me.
  6. Tower 900 is unique looking. I am a bit bias here as I have one. Also, it is a quarter the price.
  7. I dont have an AIO, air cooler, or extra soft tubing. No way to test
  8. Some ray tracing stuff. I would have a 1080ti but, I got the 1080 before it came out. I also am not a fan of SLI after it not working anything in my last build.
  9. I had to send the motherboard back TWICE. The first time they told me it worked and was fine. Which it was not and after buying another power supply, testing with my friends ram, and RMAing the CPU, they asked for the board again. They then sent me a new one which ended up working. So, after 3 months of work, this is almost my finished build. Specs: CPU: i9-7980xe - 4.2ghz (delidded) RAM: 64gb 3000mhz Gskill trident z MB: Rampage VI extreme GPU: zotac arcticstorm gtx 1080 - 2000mhz SSD: Samsung 960 pro 512gb PSU: AX1600i Case: Tower 900 Watercooling components are the same except for the silver VUE coolant. Still trying to work with aura sync to get a nice color... Also thinking of getting some better fans for the front section as my SSD gets a bit warm at 50C.
  10. Motherboard ended up being dead. But, this is a picture from before I took it out. I couldn't get the caps off the tube res. So, no rgb ring. Coolant is cleaner, will replace when I get replacement board.
  11. Everything is here and ready. I ended up going with 1 512 gb ssd instead of 2. The i9-7980xe is delided. It was kinda a pain to get that monoblock on. You really need a second set of hands. More images to come as more progress gets made.
  12. Which color is the question? Also is it stable?
  13. I have been planning this for about a year now and its almost ready. The start for my new build: Rampage VI Extreme (Have) 64GB Trident Z RGB (Have) 2x560mm Rads (Have) 8xNoctua 140mm (Have) EK monoblock (Have) RGB strips (Have) Cables (Have) AX1200 (In Use) Zotac ArcticStorm 1080 (In Use) Tower 900 (Have) What I still need to get: i9-7980xe Coolent - still working on deciding this one 2xThermaltake pump/res 2xAlphacool 60mm RGB ring 2x512gb SSD Maybes Alphacool 16mm RGB ring Second 1080 Still trying to think of a good loop layout... Also for good coolant