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    The 8enjicraf2
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    West Mids, UK


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    AMD A8-6600K
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    2x4GB Avexir Core Series
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    R9 290x 8GB
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
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    120GB 850 evo, 2TB WD Blue
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    SuperFlower Golden Green 750w
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    AOC 24" 144Hz FreeSync
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    Raijintek Triton
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    Strafe RGB (MX Reds)
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    Steelseries Rival 300
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Well I can wait because I only have 50 quid now, it will take me about 4 weeks to get £250 at longest
  2. I currently have a crappy APU with an r9 290x that I bought from a friend for £100
  3. Hey Guys, I am in need of a CPU upgrade soon, should I wait for AMD Zen to come out or just buy a 6th gen i5? Thanks
  4. Because it is down the road and if something is broken I can just drive down. Happened when my other friends GPU was DOA
  5. Hey Guys, I have forgotten a lot about PC's since I have moved on to other hobby's. My mate asked me to build him a PC (which I still remember how to do) so I need some parts for it, Please could you help me with a parts list for around £600 that is going to be used mainly for gaming Parts must be from overclockers.co.uk Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys, I have recently bought an r9 290x from a friend but I can only get 40fps out of BF1 and about 150 out of csgo (He got about 300-400 with his i7) This is probably due to my awful APU (AMD A8-6600k) I was wandering if there were any APU's with a better CPU that will remove my bottleneck, or should I just buy a second hand 4th gen i5? Thanks
  7. Ok nice, that will probably fix it, if not transfer boot image to usb again and let ubuntu auto config if you didnt before, linux can be a bitch with drive setup if you dont know what your doing.
  8. Hey Guys, As you can see my desktop is pretty ugly and I wandered if there was any way of quickly getting files by clicking on an icon for them to show up like on android, help much appreciated. Ben
  9. Hey Guys, I have set up a server for a website but I havent got any ideas for a website . Any ideas?