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  1. vlkn´

    Onboard audio vs SPDIF out?

    and you said it´s an amp. good for you
  2. I agree. But I will be overclocking my cpu in the next years, not because of fear. I don´t need the power and the increased heat output.
  3. vlkn´

    Onboard audio vs SPDIF out?

    troll somewhere else XDD "Which has a built in DAC of course"
  4. I don´t think it was about if it was possible to overclock but the possibility to damage the hardware. Thats how I would understand it?
  5. vlkn´

    Onboard audio vs SPDIF out?

    What? Analog sound is already processed by the internal soundcard, that wouldn´t make sense to send already processed sounddata to a external soundcard to process it again. I think you mean a amplifier, or? That´s why he wants to use the digital output to use his external soundcard.
  6. vlkn´

    Onboard audio vs SPDIF out?

    what are you talking about dude. If he uses the output from the mainboard to the input of the soundcard, the soundcard will process the data into analog signals to let us hear the signal. Or what did you wanted to tell me ._.´
  7. vlkn´

    Onboard audio vs SPDIF out?

    That´s just a digital signal... you´ll need to use a soundcard to process the data into analog.
  8. vlkn´

    Blue Yeti Pro "not recognized" on PS4

    Hmm, I don´t think this is going to work.
  9. vlkn´

    Blue Yeti Pro "not recognized" on PS4

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/PC-ADT050-5-Pin-Female-to-3-Pin-Male-Adapter-for-XLR-DMX-Lighting-Applications-/231119172494?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item35cfc6b38e 5pin is for stereo sound, correct me if I´m wrong
  10. vlkn´

    Blue Yeti Pro "not recognized" on PS4

    You need a converter from going with a analog signal "XLR" to "USB" digital signal. -> http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Microphones-Icicle-Konverter-XLR/dp/B001EW5YQS
  11. my pc sleeps all tha time, no problem.
  12. vlkn´

    Ram Slots

    illuminati confirmed
  13. vlkn´

    Ram Slots

    No aslong as you plug both ram sticks in the same colour
  14. vlkn´

    Ram Slots

    Dual channel... That´s why they are coloured different You should use the same colour if you only got 2 ram sticks. That improves the performance.
  15. vlkn´


    That is more expensive... Just keep the cpu until intel releases their new cpu models next year.