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  1. one more thing, does noctua cooler come with brackets needed for Am4 installation or do i request it extra? i saw somewhere that might be the case Also could you recommend some good RGB fans, i was looking at corsair ML rgb series and they are so expensive @TheDailyProcrastinator @ShinRamen @boggy77 I really appreciate the help you guys have given me, thank you
  2. So I might be putting my PC in the 2nd floor where I don't want to run ethernet cables, so I am looking to get a mobo with wifi I have some money left so I am also thinking to go with a premium x570 board (possibly upgrade cpu to 3900x as well) could use your opinion on this @TheDailyProcrastinator @boggy77 @ShinRamen
  3. whats the difference between corsair RM 750 Watts PSU vs RMX 750 Watts
  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I really like the meshify case, Might go with that. Also switching to the memory you linked. also gonna try to get windforce 2080 like @ShinRamen mentioned. should i go for higher clock speed on the memory? like 3400 or not worth?
  5. you mean get 2 16 gb sticks at a higher clock speed? the one I selected is 3200 Mhz @ShinRamen
  6. any thoughts on the fans on the mobo? those seem finicky, I am kind of scared it might stop working after a year or two @boggy77
  7. Hello guys, I am planning to build a brand new gaming PC with a budget of around $2000-2500. I have a small list of preliminary parts but I am stuck on what to choose for the motherboard. List so far: cpu: amd 3700x cpu cooler: noctua NH d15 graphics : Msi 2080 super ram: corsair vengeance lpx 32 GB(4X 8 gb sticks) power supply: Corsair RMX 750 Watts Case: corsair 750 D I did a little research and found motherboard as Msi tomahawk B450 Max I realize there is a newer chipset X570 but I am not sure if its worth because of the price to performance
  8. @Livinloud I have attached a screenshot and its all firefox mainly, but I have always run firefox and never had any problems. Do you think the browser is infected with virus maybe? the only addons I use are adblocks, BTTV for twitch and grammarly extention. Should i uninstall firefox?
  9. @ki8aras Norton for Antivirus, malwarebytes for anti malware/spyware rootkits etc 2 antivirus not the issue, I uninstalled both today just to check and the ram had no significant changes. So I installed both of them back.
  10. Hi guys, I have 16GB of ram in my system and when I casually use my PC it the ram idles at around 7 or 8GB. I don't think this is normal. I have 2 monitors and usually have 2 firefox open and discord. Are my ram sticks going bad? How do I find out, I think before it used to idle around 3-4GB. I run Norton antivirus and Malwarebytes in the background. I tried playing the new game anthem and when the game starts, the RAM shoots up to around 15.6 GB and I can't even play the game anymore bc its stutter and lag around etc My specs: cpu intel4790k memory: gskil ripjaws ddr3 2133M
  11. @Leonard @maartendc @Goildzy hey if I buy a cas10 ram and clock it to match my current cas11 ram, would that work? i saw a cheap option for like $70, same brand same speed but diff timings.
  12. yeah amazon has them but its used ram and the new one is 200+, i saw a different ram on the gskill website with same clock speed and latency timings. but it had a different name. i think it was called sniper or something. i might have to try those
  13. I have 2 4gb sticks right now and my mobo is asus z97-k i have gskill ram but I bought my PC from cyberpower and I cant find the exact ram they used online. I think its discontinued, so idk what to do. This is the ram I want to buy: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231654&cm_re=G.SKILL_F3-2133C10D-_-20-231-654-_-Product its not exactly like my current ram but its the closest thing I could find. According to CPU-Z my current ram is gskill 2133mhz ddr3 part number: f3-17000CL11 so should i Not upgrade? just stick with the current ram? i dont want compa
  14. Hey guys, I have 8gb of memory on my pc now, i want to upgrade to 16. If i buy 2 new sticks, does the ram timings/latency matter? my current ram is like 9:11:11 or something and the new one i found was like 10:12 etc so if i purchase that one, will it give compatibility errors? Any Input is greatly appreciated.
  15. I have been meaning to do that, I really like windows 7 but I am trying to get windows 10 at a cheaper price. Hopefully this black friday.