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  1. meh, its meeting the expectation of being a competitor to the 6900k at half the price and being a viable choice for gaming already, which is impressive considering how little software optimization there has likely been for it. But yeah, I don't think its going to beat Intel's most current cpus at IPC, but i think most people thought that was likely. What i wouldn't be suprised about is if when AMD releases their r3, the highest end version has its turbo made clocked high enough to beat an 7700k in single core performance if both are stock, but then is a horrible overclocker, while if someone overclocks the 7700k it destroys the amd counterpart.
  2. oh great, random internet guy claiming he knows something he probably doesn't. Numerous youtubers have said that their talks with the motherboard makers have indicated that they had only 3 weeks to work on the bios before launch. So either they are making a claim any CS major knows is full of shit or you're full of shit. Because you're just some random internet stranger, I'm pretty sure the latter is more likely.
  3. i'm not; i'm showing you how your logic is flawed, by showing you an example where it is obviously flawed. So your logic isn't sound so you can't reach the original conclusion through it.
  4. yeah, and these youtubers that are saying they only had a couple days to review it are liars, they had years. There is only so much you can do as a reviewer or a motherboard manufacturer before the product is finalized.
  5. i mean, realistically, we should probably be expecting Ryzen to be pretty damn close to broadwell-e in IPC. Keep in mind motherboard manufacturers had 3 weeks to make a Bios for Ryzen. And this is a completely new archetecture that software needs to be optimized for.
  6. For now, the 7700k is better for gaming. This is bringing 8 cores, 16 threads to the mainstream, but games struggle taking advantage of more than 1 thread, let alone the 8 threads in a 7700k. I think the best way to view the R7 Ryzen chips is as competitors to Intel's Broadwell-E. I think in Q2 the R5 and R3 might be able to make more compelling gaming CPUs.
  7. So, I'm thinking about trying to extend the life of my 2600k with a custom loop system, the problem is my case (which i'm very fond of) is very open (both sides come off, the top folds away, basically there is a place for a 240mm radiator in the front and a 120mm radiator in the back and thats about it. Are there radiators and pumps designed to be placed ontop of the cpu waterblock? Or am i basically doomed to an AIO at best with this kind of case?
  8. In a perfect world, there would be a mini itx with 3 m.2s, supported both wireless and 5gb/s lan, at least 9 power phases, and no led lights or gaudy color scheme, maybe some natural copper colors on some of the metal for under $200. In reality, i'm probably more hoping for a mini itx with 2 m.2s, and at least 6 power phases and thats probably all the features i can ask for. I might have to get a x370 to get 2 m.2s and be able to overclock. If i'm stuck with getting a full atx board to have 2 m.2s, i just want to pay under $200 for it. AS everything i'm seeing right now that has 2 m.2s is at least $240.
  9. my wallet just thanks the mobo makers for sucking at their offerings for Ryzen. I preordered the 1800x then cancelled looking at the current mobo offerings. Now i'm leaning towards just buying an AIO putting it on my 2600k and waiting 6-18 months.
  10. I agree that at the low end it looks like Intel will be very strong but, we still really have no idea how its going to play out. The problem is right now we're basing this off of very limited leaked benchmarks. The benchmarks are close enough where honestly IPC could swing slightly in either brand's favor. We honestly don't know what kind of single core performance difference we're going to see. We also have a little idea how well the 8 core Ryzen's will overclock, but zero idea how well the 6 and 4 core Ryzen's will overclock. but it seems like AMD just stole a giant chunk of the high end market.
  11. There is something called the law of supply and demand. When supply is high and demand is low, prices drop. When supply is low and demand is high, prices rise. The demand for DDR4 has rapidly grown with it being used in more and more smartphones. Until Supply catches up, until production of ddr4 ram increases enough to meet demand, the prices will remain high. It sounds like this will be at least until the end of this year http://www.pcgamer.com/heres-why-ddr4-ram-prices-have-spiked/ The demand for DDR3 has dropped, but the supply of DDR3 has also dropped. As electronics age, the supply dwindles and the prices rise because supply keeps dropping.
  12. Intel already lowered their prices. The 7700k is now $300 instead of $380. If Intel thinks they can't compete at current price point, its the strongest indication yet that Ryzen will live up to the hype. Looks like we might have a pricing war boys!
  13. So a Ryzen chip that's turbo is 3.7Ghz can only be overclocked to 3.8Ghz on some boards and 4.0 on premier and you call that promising? For all you know that is a high performer for the 1700. Most 1800x's might not be able to break 4.2, or basically a 0.2Ghz overclock. Intel's 6700k has a base turbo of 4.2Ghz and can be overclocked past 5.0. Thats promising.
  14. yeah, the dual channel lanes and limited PCIe lanes are two things that are turning me off of Ryzen. Even if it doesn't matter much now, i could have this CPU for 8+ years. Who knows, maybe we'll see the next E series from Intel have much more compelling prices because of Ryzen. Or maybe AMD will answer the criticisms we'll see a higher end chipset for Ryzen come out. For now I think my plan is to get an AIO cooler, overclock my 2600k, and wait.
  15. For most applications outside of gaming, i agree that it looks like Ryzen will be very compelling. But i think most consumers looking at enthusiast level hardware are primarily doing so for gaming.
  16. generally the NZXT Krakken is one of the best regarded AIOs. For something slightly cheaper, Corsair is also very reputable. EK might be the most reputable, but they're very expensive and they discontinued their AIO and are supposed to come out with a new AIO this spring.
  17. I haven't seen a single leaked benchmark that indicates Ryzen's single threaded IPC is anything but lower than Kaby Lake's. And people are overclocking Kaby Lake to 5Ghz on consumer cooling. They got Ryzen to 5.1 on Liquid Nitrogren. Somehow i don't think the benefits of liquid nitrogren cooling is only 0.1ghz. And don't mix up cores and threads please. I want AMD to do well and I am very tempted to get a Ryzen CPU, but it is not an obvious choice like you are making it out to be.
  18. Even with no technical improvements Intel still appears to be king of single threaded performance and i imagine we'll see i5's with hyperthreading as the standard next gen, to compete with AMD.
  19. i've found this about mini itx, doesn't look the most promising
  20. They're even capable of selling at a loss if they want to completely dick over AMD. The thing is the desktop market is shrinking and they need legit competition to not be a monopoly. I imagine they won't fight AMD too hard on desktop CPUs. I also imagine Ryzen is going to grow the market more than its going to steal Intel customers. I mean, sure a lot of people will switch to AMD. But most people that have bought a good Intel CPU since Sandy Bridge have no need to buy a CPU. So its not like, oh no, sales are bad because of Ryzen. Its like, oh no, sales are bad because we are failing to innovate and our latest generation was garbage. I bet Kaby lake's sales will be very poor, but the next 2 Intel generations afterwards will be much higher because of AMD.
  21. in my experience, when non gamers buy PCs, they still want to buy a decent performing CPU to make sure it runs quickly for a long period of time.