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  1. Logitech G502 for wired or the G602 for wireless, its on offer at the moment on amazon
  2. Don't get an SSHD get a WD black drive and spend some more money on your case, e.g a fractal design r4. SSHD's are useless for secondary storage its pointless to have one when you can have a black drive with the same speeds.
  3. Just go tell your parent and include them in your decision to wait a couple of days and im sure they will but if htey disagree with you its for your own good, take it from a person who regrets not sharing. Just go talk to them or the consequences will be worse than a stinging in your arm.
  4. I would like to order chromecasts for the tv's and upgraded to the audio in our household to wifi for my mum so she finds it easier to use as all you have to do a press a button to stream audio or video around the house.
  5. well if you're willing to pay the premium why not get some in ear headphones from reputable headphone companies, have a browse on amazon. e.g. Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi
  6. boot into dfu (google it) and then itunes will let you restore it but this doesn't get rid of the icloud account so when the phone is restored and boots itll ask you for the icloud password and theres no way to bypass this

    Car shopping!

    Have you thought of leasing a car as it'll be cheaper and you can have different car every 2 years?
  8. Yes and the switch works when we have it running through a separate router
  9. But it's a unmanaged switch so there is no configuration therefore there's no problem with the switch so it's the modem
  10. The problem is we use the wifi networks that the super hub provides
  11. The switch is the TP Link-SG1008D 8 port unmanaged switch and yes I have