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  1. It is a great build! If and that is a big IF you can afford this i say go for it and good luck!
  2. Ok look at it like this: I make my configuration on mercedes website, I then send that in and choose my payment option. Then they build my order.
  3. Yes and how is that a problem?
  4. You know on NCIX's website you can choose all of your parts and they will build it for you? Well I want that but with a car instead is that how it works?
  5. Hey one question: I went to the mercedes benz configurator and choosed the parts and all that good stuff. But then I can't place that order! If I can't choose the components and then have them build it just like I want then why is there even a configurator?
  6. Ok you have convinced me!
  7. Well congratulations!
  8. Reallyy 3-4 times as much? IF you look at a let's say BMW that is the 2013 model. Will only cost 13500 Swedish crowns more than a used model. 13500 Swedish crowns is roughly 1300 US dollars.
  9. I mean in the way they steer and not in the way of performance.
  10. Yeah well that might be true I rather pay a bit more to get better quality and reliabillity from the car.
  11. Hmm well you learn something new everyday!
  12. Yeah alright I might be more catius in the future.(don't know if catius is spelled that way or not....DERP)
  13. Where do you live then?
  14. When I bought the damn thing I borrowed it for a test drive in 5 days and everything was good! But then later it broke!