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  1. I am not sure. I painted the metal frame white because I was bored and the rgb on the backside looked cool
  2. I have an external uhd player plugged into my main computer. I use it to rip Blu Ray and uhd blurays. Then send them to my unraid machine. Until this past black Friday I haven't had an optical drive since my old core 2 duo machine. Got rid of that 5 or 6 years ago.
  3. Never won a giveaway before. Just got a drone from the IBM giveaway from like 3 and a half months ago lol. Finally came in today. Since my new house is pretty bare I'm going to have a good time flying it around. Also just wanted to say thanks to Linus for showing me unraid. Currently got it running a living room VR windows VM and emby media server using a Linux docker.
  4. Is this for a home business or something? Almost all switches are L3 switches these days. Except the absolute cheapest you can find at office depot or best buy. But even Best buy and office depot have fairly inexpensive managed switches. Im sitting right next to our network admin. He says that most of them do just fine for home/small business use. Unless you need alot of PoE or on a network that requires 0 downtime. I have Linksys LGS308P which I use for my security cameras. Havent had an issue with at all.
  5. what all have you tried so far? And is this a new system or one that was working before hand? Give us more info
  6. I agree with them. 1080 and likely 1070ti is overkill for 1080p. 1070 is great for high fps 1080p gaming.
  7. I checked when I got home from work. You can control the SP120's with the lighting node, ALSO you can gradually have them sweep colors instead of the defined 6 or 8 colors or whatever like when they are attached to the controller that comes with the case.
  8. Yes the front fans are RGB. I had slightly smaller brother of this case the corsair 460x. It has buttons on the case to allow you to change the color and modes. They also make an all black or where all the red is on that case, they make it where the accent is grey. personally, if it were me I would go with the all black or grey that way you could change up the colors of the case and not have the red clashing if you wanted to change the colors of the fans in the front. But its all personal preference.
  9. Can confirm you can control the SP120 with lighting node pro. I normally keep everything on white. But I don't remember if it it acts in preset colors (like the 460x-570x) or if it sweeps the colors. I feel confident you I could go outside the preset colors with the lighting node from the Corsair LL's. Also the bottom SP120s came from my old 460x
  10. Depends on the company. But if it is any included RGB it should come with something to control it. The corsair and phanteks cases both have a controller included so you can use a button/s on the case to change its colors and modes. I assume the cooler master also comes with either hardware or software to control the rgb. Anything separate, it just all depends.
  11. I think they were going for a like sleeker less showy one for a living room. But if you want something a bit "louder" to show off a bit. Check out the corsair 460x or 570x. Or maybe the Lian li PC-011d or pc-011air. Ive built a custom hardline water-cooled pc in a corsair 460x rgb and Lian-li pc-011. Both great cases. To me a good one that looks nice also that I havent built in would be Cooler Master MasterCase H500 or the phanteks ECLIPSE P400 TEMPERED GLASS or the Phanteks Evolv X.
  12. Yea its got high end components. Would not be a challenge at all
  13. Both builds would be more than enough to play VR. couldn't go wrong with either. For the sake of money I would personally skip paste and cooler unless planing on overclocking or just going for absolute silence as much as possible. The stock fan that comes with it works quite well.
  14. Fair enough, I get that. If I didn't have to deal with another SQL database in my life, I think I would be okay with that.
  15. I have a g6. Solid battery life. The some of the early ones had really bad battery life, got a warranty claim on it. Been solid every sense. Granted I don't do much beside phone,text,email, stream music in my car and watch youtube videos on it occasionally. If you are going to get a new one should be great. But if its used, just be sure its not an early version (first month or two of launch). Also, double tap screen to wake it up is amazing