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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asrock x370 Fatal1ty Gaming X
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    16gb Corsair Vengence 3000
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    Gigabyte RTX 2070 Gaming OC Edition
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    Fractal Define R4 Blackout Editions
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    500gb Samsung 960 Evo , 2 x 1tb Seagate HDDs, 1 x 3tb Seagate HDD
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    EVGA 850 Watt 80+ Gold
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    27" Acer 144hz Freesync/G-Sync, 27" AOC IPS
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    AMD Wraith
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    Corsair K65 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
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    Logitech G Pro
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    Sennheiser HD 558
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    Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

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  1. Would it be worth getting an aftermarket cooler for this cpu, like a be quiet DPR4 if I plan to eventually overclock this cpu, or should I stick with the stock cooler? Asking before I buy the 3700x so I can get them together.
  2. I already got her a new 27" monitor for Christmas because her 19" was so old and 19" lol. I feel like having faster IPC and a motherboard that would take better advantage of the ssd might do better than her older board? Not sure how much better though.
  3. So you're thinking the newer HP system may be the way to go then? I really wish I could just find an AM4 board so I could do the 1700 but no where has one that I can get soon.. Sucks.
  4. So I'm trying to upgrade my mom's computer for a Mother's Day gift, but the initial idea I wanted to do can't be done because I can't find a decent AM4 motherboard anywhere that I can get this week. I'm traveling to her Memorial weekend (this upcoming weekend) so I'm on a time crunch so here's what I have. My work just gave me one of our older HP systems that works fine (user error resulted in a replacement) and I figure I could put an ssd in it and secondary hard drive to get her going. Specs: i3 6100t (Skylake) and 8gb DDR4 2133. My other option is I could put my old 2600k in her H series 1155 motherboard and just put the ssd and hdd in that system. She uses the pc for work and it's mainly using her work's website, email, some pdf work, and really nothing to crazy, from what I can tell. I'm leaning towards the HP because I can do everything here and update everything before I take it down so less time spent on vacation doing it there. Thoughts? My original idea consisted of my building her a system with my old Ryzen 7 1700 so I wouldn't have to upgrade her stuff for another 10+ years, but supply shortages are an issue. Sorry for the novel, I'm just torn on what to do. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  5. Honestly just whatever game I'm into at the time. Nothing specific. I guess you could say a "variety" streamer. I plan on trying to multi-stream to Twitch and maybe YT or Mixer. My main pc has a R5 3600, 16gb ram, RTX 2070, and NVME/SSD storage. I'm thinking 720p 60 - 1080p 60 IF possible. I'm not looking to make a living at it, but I have the components collecting dust so I figured I'd tinker with it and see how it works out. My main thing for this thread was just to see what people are actually using vs what you see folks on youtube recommend. I like seeing people's setups. That's my personal porn. lol
  6. I used to use that a couple of years ago but seems like everytime I have GE installed on my computer, something goes all funky on my PC so I uninstalled it.
  7. Just curious what your setups are (pictures more than welcome). I have an old i7 2600k setup I got from my brother when I upgraded him to a R5 3600 for Christmas and I'm thinking about using it for a secondary streaming pc. Just curious how many of you use dual setups vs single setups and what your system specs are. If you could afford to do something different, what would it be? Figured this would be a fun topic during lock down times.
  8. So I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should overclock my R5 3600. I have it set to stock with the boost clock and it does ramp up on some of the cores, but is it worth the hassle on these chips to set a solid clock on all cores? I'm using my old wraith spire from my R7 1700 which I imagine should do ok with this task if I do it. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  9. I say do it! I think you'll be in good shape. ?
  10. That's fair. Yeah if you can snag the cpu and gpu for that cost, I say go for it. If it fits your needs for now, that's what matters.
  11. What's your budget for everything? I guess at the end of the day, should you put the money into this system or would it be better just upgrading to something new? People are selling Ryzen parts pretty cheap second hand. Does the case look like something you could reuse? I guess ultimately, what all are you doing with the system?
  12. Heck, it looks like you could theoretically put an i7 3770 in there if you really wanted to. The i5 should work without issue. How much ram do you have in it currently? Also, I hate how proprietary that PSU is. HP and Dell suck when it comes to that crap.
  13. I tried looking up your motherboard online and couldn't find it for a specs list. Anyway you can post a link or picture? I feel like you should be fine going with the i5 if the socket is compatible. Worst case scenario you have to put a better power supply in your system too (I'd do this anyway if it'd fit in your case).
  14. I believe so but I messed with several different settings trying to get clean playback of my gameplay with my recordings and it's always laggy and/or choppy looking. The visual quality isn't too good. Plus my system does take a slight performance beating while recording. I'm just trying to alleviate that and get my recording quality up to snuff, if that makes sense?
  15. Been toying with the idea of building a second pc for game capture/streaming. My question is, would it be better to swap my R5 3600 for a 3900 and try that route, or build a second rig with my spare R7 1700? Cost would be about the same, if not a little more for the second pc. Not sure if this will matter, but my gpu is an RTX 2070.