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Everything posted by xTrixieHD

  1. the windows phone isn't too great at the moment, let's hope it doesn't do an ugly shot pigeon dive into the ground,
  2. nice man.. wish you the best on that cofee drinking endeavour
  3. Hope that coffee doesn't get chilly, chilly coffee is the worst.
  4. fucking savage dude, have some chill, i just instantly turned into sarah connor in that terminator movie..
  5. HAHAH You got a hong konger cpu? This is so funny, first time i've ever seen this. oh my god that's horrible.
  6. Your fans are being counter intuitive Have them blowing out the back to remove hot air.
  7. We don't know if he has a soggy cornflake Power supply do we?
  8. I really would go for the r9 380, in the end of the day, extremely Similar performance. for the same pricepoint.
  9. Oh my god why or how do these people manage to have white boxes around their text so dark mode users get confused
  10. YEAH! More unneccesary apps for websites we could much easier go to FUN!
  11. Just like my turd of an alienware 17 2013 model. it's one of the best laptops i've ever had, i mean. All the led lights are broken, i never used them anyway, it's fairly light, it's survived me tripping on the stairs. i mean. it's not a laptop i'd reccomend at all, i'm just emotionally attatched to it.
  12. I'd love to see an old laptop get some love for once
  13. all good questions. i second them.. we need those questions answered so we can figure out what to do.
  14. Odd, i have a friend, joeyufuller2000 who is experiencing the same problem, i have no idea what causes it.
  15. if it fits in, it should work.
  16. APC Is the go to brand for a ups, i have one somewhere, it's absolutely fantastic.
  17. Yeah, it might've been an app download. but it's for sure that something was left open.
  18. Yes, a ups would benefit your computer greatly with frequent blackouts.
  19. I have no idea, you might have left a tab open before that night, and on Apple devices, they stay open.
  20. superflower, that's a good power supply brand.