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Everything posted by xTrixieHD

  1. wait what? i've been under a rock in terms of tech for a while and i thought the 900 series was the newest O_o
  2. i'm not quite sure on how to add thunderbolyt to your pc. In fact, i haven't heard of thunderbolyt before.
  3. That shit with black wheels would be fucking lit af. red hot the springs, compress them, reattach them and fart can LIT "it looks like a car someone would drive in sydney" for short
  4. If it's a budget board then go gigabyte. because MSI's low end boards are AWFUL.
  5. What do you mean by "budget" please specify a price range As for that PSU, Yeah. rosewills are generally good power supplies Superflower made, or at least they were.
  6. Alright, this scared me today. i was playing a game on my computer, then i heard a grumbling noise, i thought it was my table so i stopped moving my mouse, then i found out it was my tv, i quickly ripped the power board out of the wall and left it that way, can someone please help? this is scaring me.
  7. But you forget, not everyone has big dpi and zoom.
  8. Might do, but don't count on my advice as i shoot with a konica minolta camera. i'd suggest waiting for a bit more response.
  9. Costs more than my entire pc lol.
  10. Stop with the trump memes. they're not funny.
  11. As the title implies i was wondering what's the highest capacity infolithium battery i can get in a DCR sr42. because now with my infolithium H battery i'm only getting about 92 minutes tops while recording.
  12. bloody hell, some logic.... you have to accept the download to cancel it..... my days.. Don't give up, don't give in, (RAGE HARD) Young and strong on the wings of tomorrow!
  13. fuckin rigt cuzz u gotta git that p5q (No not really, but the only sellers on ebay are hong kongers...)
  14. No no, you don't understand. it comes back even after i end the demon in task manager.
  15. One of the biggest gripes i have with 10 is the way it forces itself onto your pc... Huh, what's this.... AHHHHHH HOLY FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD WHERE'S THE CANCEL BUTTON.
  17. you downloaded windows 10.. you're on your own. bad bad mistake.