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  1. Currently I am looking for a 3rd monitor to complete my computer setup. I currently have 2 monitors. 1 for gaming (my primary screen, 120hz and all) so gaming isn't my concern for the 3rd monitor. The 2nd is a PLS samsung 27" screen which I use for various things. The reason I want this 3rd monitor is for videos. that pretty much it. Viewing videos, bluray movies, and maybe some photo viewing. I do however like it to be a 1080p screen. Since all my screens are 1080p I would dislike it if I broke the consistency. From the things I searched, I ended up with: Dell 27" (only thing I can see wrong is the huge 8ms respond time. Is that a problem for video playback???) http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824260150CVF Asus's monitor (if i can find similar with a better stand, it'll be great) http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-mx279h-27in-widescreen-led-c7-79445-1028.htm and cheapo LG's http://www.ncix.com/detail/lg-27mp35hq-b-27in-ips-led-06-98968-1382.htm http://www.ncix.com/detail/lg-27in-ah-ips-led-monitor-a3-94355-1458.htm Quick summary for what I'm aiming for: 1080p 27"screen IPS/PLS 200-350$ budget I tried looking in other posts but couldn't find a 27" specific suggestion that I liked. Thanks for helping
  2. Sick giveaway by HTC, I hardly knew them before Linus got his HTC one.
  3. Nice. I'm still working my Wiz to reach 200k (i'm @ 140-165k depending on the build) I'm currently in the NA tho.
  4. I think the first game I played was back in Sega Master System era and it was Golden Axe (I also used to watch my bro play games on the Atari but I was too young to play it)
  5. Mine's gotta be when I was a kid, I got suckered into buying a gtx 7500 LE, little did I know, The LE stood for Light edition... oh yah and at the same time, I thought that because it was a dual core it would be fast. That was the motivation that started me to get into tech/pc. Had to learn all about cpu's and gpu's because I didn't wanna get ripped off when I replaced those two shitty parts.
  6. Hey guys, Was wondering if any of you guys still play d3 here, I know its not as great as it could of been, but for some odd reason I got back into it. If any1 still playing, It'd be great to do some games/add friends in the game so we can do some stuff!! P.S. If you guys got gold that you don't use anymore (hoookkkk meeeee upppp) I'll PM any1 my gamertag.
  7. They tried to be cool, so they went to One Direction for advice.
  8. IceSanity


    http://r.weavesilk.com/?v=4&id=miz76v0834 lol it actually shows what I did like a replay (but faster) pretty cool stuff.
  9. I'll take my take on it. The last 1 is my current desktop wallpaper.
  10. My sleeping habits are soo messed up right now. sleep: 6-7am to 2-3pm. I have night classes so my whole day just revolves around that.
  11. If that's the case, than we wouldn't need girlfriends/wives in our lives. (no offence to females)
  12. Im sure I've raged when I was kid for having like Pokemon taken away from me during the first gameboy. But I can't recall me raging in the past 5 years. I do have an impatient friend, but he usually just quits silently lol.
  13. My mistake was when I was younger...(14-15 of age) My dad finally decided to get me a desktop and my god I should of done my research on the desktop we got. It had a GTX 7500 LE (that LE = Light Edition, it SUCKED!!!) the duel core was 1.7ghz (which ALSO sucked). Gaming PC my ass. It cost 1600$ during its time. What a rip off that was. I had to replace the graphics with a 8800 gtx and the CPU with a 2.4ghz duel core (the motherboard couldn't handle anything more ofc...) Worst PC buy ever for its price. I was sooo naive back then. so long ago tho oh well.
  14. You can reach higher than 7.9 in Windows 8. It is capped @ 9.9 (which I don't even think is possible currently)
  15. As the Topic says, Whats your Windows Experience Index? Base Score: 7.9 Procressor: 8.2 RAM: 8.2 Graphics: 8.3 (I don't think it takes into account my SLI -_-) Gaming Graphics: 8.3 Primary Hard Disk: 7.9 (SSD but I don't think you can get it any higher) Whats yours?
  16. I almost encourage ads on websites because to be frank, Its not really harming me in any way but providing money to the provider of the website. I do however never look nor click an ad for the life of me...which would be the same case for this hyperlinking. I think that this method of monetizing will bare little revenue due to the fact that majority of users here will carefully plan buying equipment. This is a tech. forum, we all plan before we start buying parts for our pc's. This hyperlinking method imo is aim'd towards impulsive buyers. Not only that, wouldn't the normal consumer want to choose their desired outlet to purchase their goods? I'm Canadian and if this hyperlink ad sends me to an USA only website...well your not getting any revenue. I also think this can be quiet harmful to what LinusTechTips is really doing to the tech world. From my understanding, the business you guys are in is to Inform consumers of products before they purchase them (it's also marketing), thus resulting that you guys raise awareness of products. If a hyperlink sends forum users to crappy products that they buy and they find out it sucks. Who is to blame? They will blame the "website" that sent them to buy said item (even if they may be blind to the fact it was an ad). Just my 2 cents on this topic. Go for ads rather than hyperlinking "words" written in some dude's post.
  17. Is this is a surround config or you actually buy a 4k monitor already? if you did already, you might as go all out with some titans
  18. I'm running a 680 SLI and its working great for me. I'd suggest getting the 4gb version if you want to run 3 screens @ higher res. so 680 sli if you want to go surround/be able to sell two cards later on vs 1 highly priced card. or 690 if you want to save money for lower performance. (remember that just because a 690 "might overclock" so can 2 680's) Going anything above SLI into 3way/4way sli is just pointless...srsly pointless...unless you got tons of money to burn.
  19. I think you should just ditch the idea of SLI gtx 650 ti boost and buy a single card instead. something like a 670 might fit your price range or the equiv. AMD card which should provide better performance per dollar. SLI cards at that price point imo just seems pointless unless you Already own a 650 ti boost and your trying to get more performance outta what you already bought with the least amount of $$ (which like the previous post said, not all games scale perfectly thus making some games run on what could be 120% of a 650 ti boost) That experience won't be that great, thus why I'm rec. a higher single card for the price of 2 cards (esp. at the price point the ti boost is in). I run a SLI 680 config but even if the scaling in a game isn't that great, it will still do great by itself, but on the other hand, your card might not if scaling doesn't work to your favour. Just food for thought. If you don't own a 650 ti boost, pool your money for 1 card, if you already do than know that SLI performance will depend on how current/supported they are in nvidia drivers.
  20. Strong Lyrics, and I can def. see why people like his vocals. 8.5/10 This is dubstep but dont mind that, just listen to the vocals (she's got this aggressive vocals that's addictive imo) http://youtu.be/8a_UbXbhB3M
  21. Any CPU can work with any graphics card is that was your question. But if your asking about Running two graphics card from two different companies, AMD and Nvidia, than you won't be able to do that. Nvidia uses SLI which will only work with another Nvidia card thats the same. AMD uses Crossfire, and like nvidia, its pretty similar requirements. But both, AMD/Nvidia, cards can't be "connected" together to give you the same affect as SLI/Crossfire. Amd and Nvidia cards are just tooo different. its like cooking, a chef and your mom can make the same plate of food, but used different means to get to the end results. Hope that covers clearly what the others tried to convey already lol.
  22. I just beat the game....the ending is totally crazy.