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  1. marik89

    Zalman R1

    Slowly improving since 2008.
  2. marik89

    Parrot Bebop

    "Our SD cards are in HD."
  3. Wow, that's really cool. I wish a had a pebble^^
  4. http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=productview&products_id=78&lng=en
  5. I love how you guys live your passion in tech. Thats the spirit of LTT!
  6. My favorite: EDG750 PSU Because its looks so fancy!
  7. Thanks very much. I think i will go for sure for the Vengance Pro 1866 MHz RAM I have concerns about the 290X gets to loud. What do you think of adding another 290 as an upgrade in a few months? The case is no discussion point I think there are for sure cheaper and/or better options but I only go with the 780T because i like it so much. Whats the difference between the RM850 and the AX860 Power supply? I herad the AX860 turns of the fan completly on low usage. I liked that! What do you Think? What du you mean with better software at the H110? I dont like the H110i softwarewise things! The H110 don't have this or? My thoughts were on going with the 105 and noctura fans will turn it into a low noise + good cooling experice. but I'm ok with the H110 aswell.
  8. You can go up to 1900 Euro if you want.
  9. Thanks! What RAM can you recommend?
  10. Yes i did not mention the HDD because i take it from my old Rig. (I will edit that.) What RAM do you recommend? Yes the Monitors and Peripherals are already there
  11. How does this list look? 1. Budget & Location About 2k $ 2. Aim Gaming and Programming 3. Monitors 3x 1080p Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K CPU Cooler: Corsair H105 + 2x Noctua NF-F12 PWM Video Card: Sapphire R9 290 OC Vapor-X Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133 MHz Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 500GB (+ 1TB HDD from my old rig) Case: Corsair Graphite 780T Power Supply:: Corsair AX860