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    Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Devil's Canyon
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    Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H mATX MoBo
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    A-DATA XPG 2 16GB 1866MHz
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    Cooler Master N200 mATX case
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    Seagate 1 TB Hybrid Drive
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    Corsair CX600M PSU
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    ASUS VX238H 23" 1080p monitor
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    Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS
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    CM Storm Quickfire Rapid (Cherry MX Browns)
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    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
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    Windows 10 Technical Preview
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  1. I guess when I say price to performance I mean on the high-end (since thats what I care about.) On the lower-end, yeah AMD all the way
  2. See I'm an Nvidia guy (usually). I have a 770 in my build, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. But this... This excites me. Only experience I've had with AMD cards has been with generally low-end (270x, 7750, etc.) stuff in friend's computers. The fact that a high-end AMD card is for the first time in years beating Nvidia on price to performance is honestly kind of awesome. If AMD can use the rest of their R&D budget to become competitive with Nvidia on the feature side as well, while making a serious performance CPU concurrently... we could get some seriously interesting
  3. Simple answer? They don't need water cooling and actually doing it would add unnecessary heat to your loop.
  4. That 570 dual fan cooler looks kind of awesome. And on a related note, 590 for $100?!?!? That's a really solid card! I think EVGA is most likely liquidating the rest of their stock, might actually pick up one of those as a spare card or an upgrade for one of my friends who only has a 1GB 7750
  5. Actually I've been looking for a new mouse lately, I have the old DeathAdder 3.5G so it's not in the best shape. I saw a SteelSeries Sensei Raw on sale at Amazon, have you tried it? Might jump on that becuase it looks pretty solid and its got good reviews up on amazon.
  6. And I have a deathadder lmao :lol: Razer makes some good stuff but the cultist community surrounding it in ahem younger circles is... unappealing to me. Although I will say their "razer switches" which are really kailh and just a cheap money grab to make bigger margins really damaged their reputation in my mind. My friend has the clicky razer switches on his blackwidow board, they feel so flimsy and weak imo...
  7. $150 for a Pebble Steel last black friday ...yeah it's not much of a deal but its the best one I've gotten lol
  8. I'm pretty sure that new colorful mousepad they came out with makes you a human aimbot and increases your Advanced Warfare K/D by 50% or at least thats what my mom told me when we went to the razer store.
  9. See and I thought I was basically the heaviest user! But I can totally see myself using that much, unfortunately my hotspot is capped at 5 GB a month (I always end up using it within a week) but I love T-Mob and don't plan on switching. Personally I actually find it strange that people can live with 3 GB a month, but many people do, so there must be a way SIdenote: are you streaming 4K YouTube like damn son
  10. I have it on my Nexus 7 lol :lol: I was wondering because the screen resolution and general size looks nice
  11. Wow what carrier are you on that the prices are so absurd?