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  1. Cheers for the reply, that's useful to know. Are you aware of any monitors that support thunderbolt daisy chaining other than the apple thunderbolt display? They prove hard to find as a lot turn out to be usb c in reality...
  2. Evening all, it's been a while but I'm back on the forum for a bit of advice After moving to the dark side that is Apple, i'm looking to purchase 2 monitors (preferably 1440p) to use with my MacBook Pro (2017, 2x thunderbolt 3 ports). Im looking at monitors that support daisy chaining (dp out) for example the thinkvision p24h so that I can use 1 thunderbolt port to run them, probably via a display port adapter as I believe the usb c connection on these monitors will not support multiple displays. I'm looking for something budget friendly hence the Lenovo monitors coming in at around £250 each. So my question is two fold: Firstly has anyone successfully daisy chained 2 monitors on a MacBook Pro with an extended desktop, it does support up to 2x 4k displays but I've read mixed success on line with people achieving this. Secondly, does anyone have any monitor recommendations over the p24h for my setup, I'd prefer as near to 24" as possible. Any advice is welcomed, cheers.
  3. Carter

    Nexus 4 SMS not sending/being received

    Any ideas guys? I will only bump once. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, so I have a problem with my nexus 4 it's been happening for a while now. So what happens is intermittently I will send a text message and the person I send it to doesn't recieve it. There doesn't appear to be a pattern to when it happens but when it does they don't send for several hours if at all, and the phone is like that for several hours where any messages sent are not recieved. I don't know if this is caused by my N4 or my provider (virgin media (UK)). I spoke to them and they sent a new sim on Friday but this has made no difference. Hopefully someone has some ideas. An interesting note is that I selected the devivery report option in the messages app settings and even messages that reports are supposedly recieved for aren't always recieved by the phone I am sending them to. The reports aren't always recieved and in these cases the messages have not been recieved. Thanks in advance for any help that would be much appreciated.
  5. Carter

    Simple SG-05 AIO ITX Build

    Dude, ive wanted to do this build for years, its the best itx case imo, stupidly small yet runs cool with an AIO - Awesome
  6. Carter

    Cool and Quiet 350D

    Awesome build and great case too
  7. Carter

    Portal cube PC

    Did you manage to fit any old test subjects in there?
  8. Carter

    Cloning to ssd troubles

    Ok guys I've got it working, I used EaseUs Todo backup, which worked first time, the free edition. I recommend this over acronis/disk wizard and definately over maricum reflect. Not saying clonezilla is bad, just perhaps not quite the right tool.
  9. Carter

    Cloning to ssd troubles

    I tried using clonezilla again in advanced mode, selecting -icds to skip the partition size check, but still had the same problem, is says something along the lines of could not copy partition because dev/sdc whatever was not found. I think it was talking about the target disk which doesn't make sense because all of the space is Unallocated. Do I need to format if first? I admit I'm lost now...
  10. Carter

    Cloning to ssd troubles

    Ok. My hdd already has a 25gb recovery partition that I don't mind if it doesn't get copied over, but how do I make clonezilla exclude this partition, but include the others and the mbr so I can boot from the ssd. I think I tried a bit by bit copy last time. Thanks
  11. Carter

    Cloning to ssd troubles

    I should probably add that I have done quite a bit of research but I'm a bit of a newbie with this stuff
  12. Carter

    Cloning to ssd troubles

    Hi. Firstly I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place, but here goes: I have been trying to clone my 500gb hitachi hdd in my laptop (see below) to my new 480gb seagate 600 series ssd. I would prefer to clone but after trying 3 different programs I can't do it... First was seagate disk wizard, which is basically acronis true image. This failed to complete the process on reboot, something about a missing dll - I tried to reinstall but it now won't install due to a "fatal error". Then I tried clonezilla but this failed I believe because my ssd is 20gb smaller than my hdd, so I can't do a bit by bit copy it seems. Then I tried maricum reflect, which does not do what it says on the tin as a clone would include the MBR but this just did partitions, basically copy and paste which was disappointing. So that's where we are. I need to sort this quickly and I would prefer to clone, so if anyone can tell me where I went wrong with any of these programs or another *free* program that you can help me use I would be grateful. Also I have tonnes of space on C:/, if I made some unallocated space at the end of the drive would this allow clonezilla to work? Or will it still fail because the source drive is larger. Thanks for any help.
  13. Carter

    cloning to ssd help

    *started a new thread with this question: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/140882-cloning-to-ssd-troubles/?p=1880562
  14. Carter

    SSD woes

    ok thanks. I'm guessing it was a retail copy (rather than oem)?...
  15. Carter

    SSD woes

    your e drive being the one not in use? I don't see why not