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  1. I think I could have but I closed the window now. It's been a long week for me, I'm going to sleep and just enjoy games tomorrow and not worry about their performance. One thing I am going to miss is the 0rpm fans when gpu isn't doing anything.
  2. I just ran the GTA:V benchmark with everything set as high as I could and it was around the 45-high 60s and sitting mostly around mid 50s to 60. But I swear it used to use more vram, I remember not being able to use some settings because it'd put the vram usage over the 4gb that the 1050ti has, and now it was barely above 3gb.
  3. The 3dmark demo only has timespy so I hope that will work for what you want to know. It's running now.
  4. I miss fiber internet. Got to talk to my housemates about that. I'll get back to you when it has downloaded @Tristerin I always knew that the 1600 would hold me back, But I was thinking I'd at least be able to play on high and get 60fps
  5. Hmmmm Ok. Is the performance better in game? Like is it just the benchmark in the game that gives crap results or does the game just not like playing at high fps?
  6. It want's me to pay for 3d mark before I can get firestrike.
  7. I don't think the min values worked, because they are all 0 max are 86,85,85,89,89,87,79,89,87,89,81,82,90. I couldn't watch it in real time because alt tab out pauses the benchmark and if I switched to windowed mode that'd change the results right?
  8. 1050ti, I didn't actually run the benchmark on it and have no idea what settings it was running on. I think they were changed when I loaded it back up, because they were all set to high and in game I was getting around 40fps with the 1050ti. I booted to safe mode, used DDU and had it shut down when finished. Then changed the gpu booted back in and installed the lastest amd drivers.
  9. So got a new 5700xt and was sure it'd kick some frame ass. But well, it hasn't really. Just ran the AC: Odyssey benchmark since that's what I'm currently playing and well I'm not exactly thrilled. Also the benchmark wasn't very smooth in fact quite choppy and stuttery.
  10. Oh I have done both of those things on my past.
  11. Was on about that level of idiocy
  12. I know what happened, while I was being a novice fool trying to work out the 6+2 pin I disconnected the cpu 8pin, and forgot to plug it in.
  13. Yes I'm get fan spin on the cpu cooler and case fan. ( Don't worry I'm getting a new case it'll be fans soon) gpu lights up mobo lights up hdd is spinning. Just no output to display. But when I disconnected the hdmi cable the screen knew it was disconnected from something. It's the only cable I have and was working fine 15 minutes earlier when I was DDU and stuff.
  14. Edit I was a fool idiot and forgot to plug in power cables. Ok so I recieved my new 5700xt today. Got home from work and got ready to put it in. Booted into safe mode. Used DDU Removed nvidia drivers with power off when finished. System powers down. I remove the 1050ti. I put in the 5700xt. I boot the system. Nothing. Heart attack. Internet scrabble. Oh I'm an idiot supplemental power. Plug power cables in. (After struggling with the 6+2 pin orientation.) Power back on and... nothing. More internets. Ok maybe I need to check bios settings and stuff. Back in goes the 1050ti, the card I use when I originally built the system which worked with no drivers, but now nope nothing. So yeah. Ideas solutions anything is welcome. Rest of the system is a ryzen 1600 (not af variant) gigabyte b450 gaming 3 mobo 16gb corsair ram, two 500gb ssd, a 240gb ssd and a 500gb HDD