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  1. Because this upgrade will be approx. 6 months to a year down the line, so I was seeing if getting a universal block, which could be used on both, would be worthwhile. But I think I'll just wait until the new card to go for a watercooled GPU.
  2. It's pretty hard to get a full block 780 Ti cooler atm. Plus I'll be upgrading it within the year, so think I'll just wait it out.
  3. Cool thanks. What's the overall opinion on universal waterblocks? Obviously they aren't as aesthetically pleasing, but other than that?
  4. A decent PSU could last a lifetime, mine is running over 6 years at this point, touch wood. We don't know what GPU they have, they've only asked about upgrading CPU and related components. Also, you keep arguing that this CPU will hold up fine but everything else just has to be trash because it was bought a long time ago, what's that about.
  5. Just nabbed some cable sleeve from MDPC, start of the new build I'm planning soon, gonna get a head start on the PSU.
  6. First, just check to make sure your pad switch isn't engaged, it'll take 20dB off the signal. Next, turn your comp back pretty much all the way. Some of these cheaper boards will automatically gain the signal up after compression, but still you're as well have that off for now. I'd say keep the 3 EQ channels pretty much flat, if you're recording into some software, you'd be able to do all that after very easily. Turn the FX send down completely. Now look at the gain knob at the top. Turn it up while speaking into the mic or making the sound you wish to record. Watch the 'p
  7. Hey there. I've been into water cooling for a long time, but only getting my first real chance to look into it now. I have a GTX 780 Ti, which I plan on holding on to until the next gen cards come out. I was thinking about getting a decent universal block, like this one here, which could be used on both this and the future card. First of all, does all of this sound like an okay plan? Second, if I go ahead with this, what further cooling would be necessary. EKWB have these guys as needed for the RAM chips, but how do I go about cooling the rest of the card, V
  8. I understand what you mean. I would see it as something used to make an already great performance a little bit better, but it shouldn't be used to polish a turd, or completely in the place of talent.
  9. Auto tune would be as much my issue to be honest, it's a tool that many musicians and band use for the whole process. I can understand people seeing it as cheating, but it is a tool. Would you get mad at a construction worker using a drill or a digger? The loudness wars on the other hand, that's a pain. Open any modern song and look at the wave form and it's absolutely slammed to the limit. There's no dynamic range to pick out the nuances, and that sounds bad.
  10. Are you interested in getting into overclocking in the future though?
  11. You could always just sit opening and closing 50 tabs on chrome, that's probably what I'd do.. But you don't have to do something with it right now. I built what you were talking about a 'strictly gaming' PC, cos I didn't see myself needing to do video editing or that at the time. Year or so down the line I ended up needing to do a fair bit of it for college and personal stuff. So just because you don't need it now won't mean you won't need it at some stage!
  12. Pretty sure at the time it was my GTX 560ti, that PC is gone now though so it'd have to be my full laptop, G46VW! Still only one part
  13. Hey guys! So in the last week or so, I've seen some artifacts while gaming on my pc playing payday 2 so it wasn't anything especially intensive. Anyways I tried to launch a game the other day, my pc fully crashed and froze instantly and now won't boot past the windows logo. I've tried booting it with the igpu in my 2500k and it'll boot fine there. Any ideas? Specs are in my sig.
  14. Went for a slick style on my TK, with a few changes!