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  1. Hello, My current macbook pro, an early 2010 model, has 4gb of RAM. I'm trying to upgrade to 16gb, or if it isn't supported, then 8gb. My question is: can my Core 2 duo support 16gb of PC3-8500 1066 or just a standard 8gb? If so, please link to where I can buy!! I would highly prefer BestBuy, because I will be picking up an SSD there later today. Like would this work? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/cms-16gb-4-x-4gb-ram-memory-4-apple-imac-core-2-duo-3-06-27-inch-late-2009-ddr3-sodimm/1308430971.p?id=mp1308430971&skuId=1308430971 Thanks all
  2. Ehhhh, cheapest youll find in AUD is $1500, maybe $1600 You'll have to check on tech sites for prices, but from what i know about the Stealth series and AUD->USD exchange rates, thats what I think you'll find. Now, Alienware has some nice laptops although I've never seen or watched anything about them. Just putting it out there, might be worth checking out. (Cheapest is I think $1,000 USD, so around $1,250 AUD)
  3. I almost appreciate your terrible pun. good effort tho m9
  4. MSI Stealth series, although your paying a premium. Stealth series laptops are the ones that I usually recommend.
  5. at least you admit it Nah I'm just being an arse don't mind me.
  6. I said 11pm to 1pm... thats 14 hours not 2 Maybe you thought i said 11am to 1pm, would also be fine, something called a nap.
  7. Overclocked maybe? undervolting? full system specs pls
  8. What about in 100 years when we have quantum computers running games at insane resolutions and unmeasurable FPS? Jkjk, but for real, your PSU is overkill even for dual 980ti's, and that motherboard really isn't worth it if you aren't taking advantage of its features (which you wont be for playing normal AAA games)
  9. My CS:GO wasn't even launching today, and when I reinstalled it, there was huge artifacting problems in-game. I think it might be a bad update, but will be patched within a few hours/a day
  10. 14 hours of sleep one time is completely normal lmao idk if your trying to sound like my mom but its working
  11. I slept from 11pm to 1pm, and my mom was legitimately worried lmao
  12. Chroma sucked, but their products do hold some value to gamers. I use a wireless logitech $15 mouse, and it still functions for my MLG quickscoping
  13. You know you fucked up when a $400 build has a better CPU than your $800 build Pentium g860
  14. I would usually go with ROG, just because ASUS and ROG is their best line. That is, unless you find the fatal1ty discounted and price is an issue.
  15. As long as you have one or two more fans pushing in than out, You should be good Orient those bottom ones to push inwards, along with the intakes so that your PSU, GPU and rear exhaust still allow for positive air pressure.
  16. 350d or 450d depends if you want ATX or mATX
  17. how do you have 4 fans on the bottom? is there a rad in push/pull? Do you have a liquid cooler or air? bc with water you could orient either the water cooler fans or back fan inwards
  18. What motherboard? 2x8 if you will want 32gb later, or 4x4 if 16gb is more than you'll ever need (which it is for just gaming)
  19. I actually did not know that. Thanks, that explains my question.
  20. You need more fans oriented inwards, so air has to find its way out of the case through small spaces instead of dust being sucked in.
  21. Kermit


    I've played tennis for 13 years and I still love it. At times you require a short burst of running, but only maybe 5 yards at most. I highly suggest you at least try it, I fell in love with it even though I was 2 years old at first.
  22. I already ordered it lol $5 product that I can use in the future I guess
  23. Do you suggest using it for the h100i, or the two 140mm intakes?