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  1. run DD-WRT on a router, and change the MAC address of it to that of your computers?
  2. I, infact have 2 setups, my desktop and my server/laptop thing (its on 24/7 so i call it a server) i use my laptop as my server because it is low power, and does what i want it to do, which is stream movies to the TV's & Media devices in my house (iPads, laptops etc.) my laptop has two 372GB Toshiba 5400RPM HDDs, as well as a 2TB Western digital Elements, it has 170GB or so free on it. my desktop, i use it for games & movie encoding. it has a 1TB Western digital black for its boot drive (because it is really cheap, great warranty and has a TON of storage & is really fast) To record my gameplay to, i use a 1TB Western digital Blue, because it is really fast, and allows me to record gameplay with no lag @ 60 FPS My 2TB WD Elements also houses my music, i have about 2000 songs so it is easy to be able to access them from anywhere in my house. Twitter: https://twitter.com/fuckyeahmatt/status/375257555003379712 (@FuckYeahMatt)
  3. Are you using HDMI? If so, you will have to find a setting in your video card software called "Image scaling" or similar.
  4. well, it is pretty ancient. i just thought you guys might be able to find some information on it. xD
  5. from what i can see, it is an Alloy GS-08TX01T, it has 8 10/100 ethernet ports and 1 Gigabit port. i think the uplink port is gigabit, but im not sure. is it any good?
  6. if it doesn't occur outside of the BIOS then why is it bothering you? once it starts happening inside windows then you should be worried.
  7. I'd say that your VGA/DVI/HDMI Cord is starting to fail, if you have another one lying around try that. Does the "colouring" occur outside of the BIOS Screen?
  8. Are you sure all the coords are plugged in (all the way?) because on my elements 2TB, since i move it around abit, sometimes the USB 2.0 cable isn't plugged in all the way.
  9. (i dont know heaps about watercooling, so bare with me.) i assume you use threaded fittings in the holes (G 1/4 BSP Threads), and connect the res to the pump then to the rest of your loop. the top on the res is, i assume a filling hole.
  10. HDMI doesnt scale like DVI & VGA does. thats why some people experience a border around their screen even at the desktop, thats if they havent enabled scaling in their CCC/Nvidia control panel it isnt a problem with your computer, it happens to mostly everyone.
  11. That temperature isnt hot, thats -60C, thats really, really cold. i think your temperature sensor may be broken, or glitched.
  12. You could try BartPE ( http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/ ), it has a nice GUI - easy to use
  13. For your issue with the temps, try running CoreTemp then start up a CPU heavy program such as prime95, and see if your temperatures reappear, if the don't, it may be a faulty temperature sensor.
  14. Issue #1 - Speccy sometimes doesnt show the correct temp, download realtemp & coretemp and see what your temps are, compare them. Issue #2 - mabey your motherboard doesnt support 1600MHz Ram? mabey its limit is 1333MHz? Issue #3 - did you buy the DDR3 or GDDR5 version of it? that may be the reason why. Issue #4 - if you set the resolution to 1920x1080, is it blurry in general? or is that only when you upscale it?
  15. Assuming you are running windows 7, Go into my computer > Right click the drive > click "Properties" > click on the "sharing" tab > Click "advanced sharing" > tick the box that says "share this folder" > create a share name (if you want to) > Then click permissions > tick the box that says "Full control" (in the allow tab) > Click "apply", then "apply" again. Your folder should be shared, just remember to make a new account on your computer that is passworded so that your office can use the network share without giving the users in your office your account password