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  1. The point still stands that it is easier on your eyes than sharper color pallets with blue by making things more mono-chromatic reducing the strain on your eyes. Mice are also nocturnal creatures primarily which means evolutionary they would have the opposite reaction from humans.
  2. Return to Manufacturer RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization
  3. Something like this happened to me with an Asus board a while back, It appeared the bios was messed up and it wouldn't let me upgrade or downgrade. I'd recommend trying to switch the bios (if you have dual bios), update the bios, and if that doesn't work RMA the MOBO. Also make sure you have the m.2 driver installed.
  4. My first thought is that this is simply a developer tool used to trouble shoot an engineering card for production.
  5. What are you talking about? They've expanded into the Chinese market by licensing their IP and their CPU division is doing great taking market share away from Intel. GPUs on the other hand that's a different story. Just because they're smaller doesn't mean that they're going to be acquired. What this means is that Intel should legitimately be worried that AMD could cause their quarterly earnings to become negative.
  6. I bet it has something to do with your bios settings such as Asus auto tuning which uses a ridiculously high amount of voltage see if there is something like multi-core enhance that is on and disable it, it should be on the from page of the advanced bios.
  7. It will, they're Apple it's safe to assume Android wont be able to use it Yes, you are the only one
  8. I wonder why they decided to demolish it instead of retrofitting it? It seems like that would be easier to do then demolishing a 42 story building.
  9. People act like this is why GPUs are insanely inflated, it's the RAM shortage leading to the GPU shortage. Miners for alt coins can just afford to pay 1.5-2x the cost for a card because they can make money off of it odds are the GPU shortage would still be here without them.
  10. Yes, but he is doing only what benefits the ISPs so he might as well be part of the ISPs.
  11. To me, the only reason I see him saying this is so that the ISPs don't lose business from a government run 5G network. We've seen this behavior from ISPs before trying to prevent small towns from creating their own network that would take business away from the ISP. For all intents and purposes Pai = The ISP
  12. $17k* i really regret only but 0.1 at 11,8k...