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  1. Do you really need it to be a all-in-one solution with wireless capabilities? or you can purchase them from outside of Indonesia? If all in one, i suggest with the currency we are having right now, go for GSP303 (at JD.ID, its 1.1mill, reasonable price) or Cloud alpha (if there are any discounts available). If you can go separate, go for Tasktar pro 82 (get it from Lazada Indo) or Khastadio OS1 (OEM from Brainwavz with a local brand name, search Admiral Wiem in Tokped) and a TCM370 mic that you can attach or put on top of your monitor like i do or go Philips X2 + vmoda boompro (expensive, but just as an alternative). If you're able to purchase from outside of Indonesia, get something like DT880 + modmic. For reference, my setup now is Avara AV2 + TCM 370 Razer headsets suck in general in all aspects and over-priced af. Cloud revolver is inferior in SQ especially compared to cloud 2 and cloud alpha to my ears. Revolver and stinger are made by the HyperX people whereas cloud 1-2 & alpha are made by Takstar (the model is pro 80) with slight difference in tuning and cheaper materials and rebranded to HyperX headsets. EDIT: Few words.
  2. IIRC, someone on reddit mentioned they just passed the license to a HK company and hence the prices are jacked up to $100. Philips passed to Gibson and Gibson passed to the HK company. For source i will try to dig them up again but i remembered reading this around a week ago. I was also surprised seeing the SHP9500 at the $100 price..
  3. From my experience, front panel always sucked, no matter the manufacturer of the case. Suppose you feel its easier for you to access front panel, i suggest get an cable extender (plug it to the mobo) as audio will be better from the mobo compared to the front panel..
  4. If its just for pure gaming, i will go for the AD700X. BUT if you want something for overall use like gaming, music and movies, it will be the HD579 imo.. Note: they are open back so they leak sound..
  5. You can check Takstar pro82, its super comfy and its in the same class with m40x imo..
  6. If your budget is 150 and you like rap i think HD558 will get the job done. Not bass heavy but quite good, or if you want good bass you can go with DT770 80ohms if you can handle the treble.
  7. I haven't tried lots of IEM as im still working my way through them. For massdrop+, i haven't personally used them but i believe Crinacle's review on them is valid as he's one of those picky person regarding iems, so if its in the A category it will be great in all terms including imaging.
  8. I personally use the AVARA AV2 and im very happy with it, more or less i agree with this description: "Very neutral and transparent iem. Detailed with slightly more forward highs in my opinion which enhances the clarity. Although the highes are a little more forward, there are no sign of sibilant or harsh. Might appear dry to some but very much to my liking. I would compare these to SE425 with a cleaner bass. Better resolution and separation. But the stage is slightly smaller than the AV1" Source Massdrop+ IEMS are very interesting, i would like to try it sometime. Have a look at it.. One of the references out there: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/crinacles-iem-ranking-list-170-entries-11-05-update.857498/
  9. You may refer to the options: Mobile (on the go or just generally mobile most of the time) - MSR7 or K553 Stationary (just in one place most of the time) - DT770 (V-shaped, one of my personal favorites) You may refer to this pinned thread too:
  10. Better mic will be meteor BUT with that being said, it will definitely pick up the blue switches more than the boompro. (adjust the mic gain or keep it at 0 so that it doesnt take up all unwanted audio such as the keyboard). Both mics will not pick up the headphone sound if youre playing at normal listening levels, but if youre playing up to ear shattering levels then yes it will pick up. I have used open backs in the past and none of the mic picks up the audio at normal listening volumes..
  11. For the connector i really dont know whether it will work or not, but should it do work, it will be a great combo. Sound wise yes, i personally feel its way better than those gaming headsets. Soundcard is not necessary, waste of money in my opinion, they don't really improve the sound, they just add the 7.1 surround sound gimmick to sell, in reality like i mentioned above, you can download or purchase the surround sound software from the internet. The volume control on boompro is for the volume of the headphones, it will not control the chat as per my experience. So if your windows is at 100%, and the headphone is at 20%, then the sound produce and you can only hear that 20% (i know its not the right/proper explanation, but i think you get the general idea)..
  12. HD559 + massdrop minimic (around $20-30 iirc and if you can wait) or modmic (around $35-80) or any lavalier mic like zalmans / takstar tcm370 (you can clip on the headphone cable or put it on top of the monitor). Just for reference i use the TCM370 and put the mic on top of my monitor. BUT if you really want that all in one solution cloud alpha is an okay option.
  13. The people who says that audio headphones are not compatible or not good compared to gaming headphones/headset, by my experience, just haven't tried anything else out of what they have used or mostly cheap gaming headsets. Open back headphones are superb for gaming, if you really want to play and be completely immersed in the game, its the only way to go imo. Something like AD700X + Modmic will suffice, very very popular combo too in the gaming world. You see streamers using gaming headsets cos they're obliged by the gaming companies who sponsored them. If you see Grimzzzz (HD700) & Ninja (DT990) on twitch, they don't even bother using gaming headsets, they are just utterly inferior compared to a proper headphone (granted those are expensive stuff), i myself use Avara AV2 to play games and have been improving compared to MA750i i used previously. And these gaming headphones are based on audio headphones (sometimes even cheap headphones as their base), tweaked to give more bass for IHMURSION, built with cheaper materials, gimmicks such as 7.1 soundcards and boom mic and sold in a hefty price, there are exceptions, but very very few of them.
  14. Gaming brand: -HyperX Cloud or Cloud alpha -Sennheiser PC37X Headphone combo: -M40x + modmic -SHP9500 + vmoda boom pro -Takstar pro 82 + modmic The sentence which i bold is a gimmick sold by gaming companies to justify their reason to jack up the prices like crazy. You can download 7.1 for free online, one of the examples is Razer surround sound software. Even games provide the 7.1 surround sound feature for free.... EDIT: you can test trial for the DOLBY surround sound or purchase them for $10 (iirc) provided by windows.
  15. These are quite good for the price. https://www.amazon.com/Headphones-Isolating-Earphones-Professional-Monitoring/dp/B00G22NK4I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1526354391&sr=1-1&keywords=takstar+hi1200
  16. For a gaming headset they are decent but they are still inferior to shp9500s or m40x.
  17. If you don't need the mic, have a look at DT880 or HD 558/559, it's a great headphone for all around use, especially in your budget.
  18. People here are not too pro on gaming headsets cos headphones+mic will provide better sound quality than gaming headsets. Whereas headsets are usually cheap headphones slapped with a boom mic and gaming tag on then they jack up the prices like crazy. IIRC Arctis sounds similar to TAD300. For gaming headsets i don't see why people spend lots of money on it as they're full of gimmicks. All of the Arctis sound the same with differences in the input method, surround sound and the RGB (IDK why this is a thing really). Same goes for Clouds, core - 1 - 2 literally the same with differences in the accessories they come with. But with that being said, should you want an all in one solution its ok, you can look at: -Cloud Alpha (a newer a better version of clouds, if you can get a good deal then go ahead). -PC37X (great value with the HD598 drivers iirc) My suggestion will be, suppose you want to go to the headphones + mic route: -SHP9500s + boompro (open back) -M40x + hm5 angled pads + modmic (closed back) I'm personally using AVARA AV2 with a lavalier mic TCM370 attached on top of my monitor and don't have any problem playing competitive or casual games. You can also refer to this thread should you have any questions regarding choices:
  19. Cloud Alpha is more than enough for gaming, getting a GSP or Arctis will be the same experience with slight difference sound signature. You can also train yourself for in game positioning and more game-sense awareness, also you can start by tuning your coms (discord/TS etc.) to a lower volume where you can still hear your mates but not blocking game sounds, i personally put my discord output to 15%. Music and movies wise, gaming headsets are decent, there are way better alternatives in the same price bracket. If you want something better, you can go with a headphone and modmic or boompro route, with that being said, its not the most convenient route for some but the most rewarding if you're searching for better audio quality and more immersive experience. Something like AD700X or HD558/559 + modmic will suffice. I'm using KZ ZST and Avara AV2 with a lavalier mic (tcm 370) on top of my monitor have no issues pin-pointing sounds from any direction in pubg (as a reference/example).
  20. Some KZ ZS5 or ZS6 with their upgrade cable will be a good deal imo, will be around or slightly above your budget (in my country its around $30). The upgrade cable is for taming the slightly sharp highs and increase the bass..
  21. Looking at the specs you just need to upgrade the CPU, no use getting a newer gen and newer mobo. That's quite a good deal for today's pricing imo.
  22. I still don't get the idea why you require a 750w PSU, getting a 550w PSU for a single gpu setup is more than enough. Even the almighty lord of PSUs JonnyGURU came here to comment on your post.
  23. I will get something like Seasonic X series / Corsair RM series / Super Flower Leadex Gold / FSP Hydro G / Bitfenix Whisper with all 500-550w rather than some high wattage psu with mediocre performance. Its post in the front and if you havent read it please refer to it:
  24. Night and day difference, i dont think so. But the upgrade is noticeable. Less bass but increase sound stage and overall better audio quality. Haven't tried any of them so cannot comment on it, but i would steer clear from gaming headsets as they are mostly cheap headphones with a boom mic, slap a "gaming" tag on it and jack the prices like fucking crazy. It might be okay-good but it will never be better than a proper headphone + separate mic combo. Choose open when you're mostly alone in the room and don't have problems for sound leaking in/out. Closed if you want private listening. It depends on your setup and preference.