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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it 1866 MHZ ones
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    My Grandma Could Not buy it, was way too expensive
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    I have a CABLE in power
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    VCR TV
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    AIR everywhere
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    Got Clicking Sound
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    I hate Mouse
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    Nice one
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    My Grandma Bought it From Bill old boyfriend

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  1. So you are saying I need to turn them around correct?
  2. What would you recommend , where should i put those three fans on the side?
  3. I mean I have them installed just like the front ones so they can intake the air, pushing the air in the case
  4. Oh thats out of my budget atm , and I have no idea how to do it
  5. They are set as an intake as well
  6. Hello Linustechtip forum, I am need of help with the "filling out" my PC case, got any suggestions what to do to fill out the case? or advise of the fans switch to different place , any advise is highly appreciated Thanks in an advance
  7. Guys hello, I am running 2x8 GB Could you please suggest what is best OC settings for it? atm running 3733 MHZ https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/xcalibur-rgb-ddr4
  8. Guys, greetings, hope you are doing well. I am going to order the PCI Riser cable from amazon, could you please suggest which one should I go with ? Atm I am running GTX 1070 , but planning to upgrade in the future for RTX 30s series. Could you please suggest which cable I should buy ? Case that I have atm is Thermaltake 20 GT
  9. I have posted a video , even without pressing anything it does this sound etc, only have motherboard cable connected to PC
  10. I have only Motherboard cable connected to PC Ihave uploaded video
  11. Tried with paper clip to turn psu it turns on normally but when i connect to PC it just clicks
  12. yes of course tried also turning psu with paper clip, fan is spinning regularly , but when i connect it to PC starts to click, it was working ok with the oldpsu i have just upgraded to better one
  13. Guys hello I have just received brand new MSI a850gf , when i plugged the cords, psu started to click , pc turns on off and so on , could you please suggest what it may be for ?
  14. Guys, hello hope you all are doing well. As for the shortage and ridiculous price on GPU, I am stuck on my GTX 1070 zotac one, therefore, I have decided to mount it on my PC vertically, and change Fans to RGB ones if possible. Could you please suggest vertical mounting option in my case? it's deepcool matrexx 55 mesh add-rgb 4f; As well as, in case of the Fan and Thermal paste change on GPU, I see its running preety hot, I have spare MX-4 thermal paste will this be good for it ? and for FANs I want to switch to RGB if its possible and what size they should b
  15. can you suggest any switch for that? I am not familiar with those....