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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it 1866 MHZ ones
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    My Grandma Could Not buy it, was way too expensive
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    I have a CABLE in power
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    VCR TV
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    AIR everywhere
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    Got Clicking Sound
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    I hate Mouse
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    Nice one
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    My Grandma Bought it From Bill old boyfriend

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  1. I think putting 280 Radiator on top, not in front , in front it already has 3x 120 MM fans that's why I was thinking about EVGA
  2. Hello there, Could you please suggest AIO cooler for i9 9900k ? M/B is z390 Asus gaming ; DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 MESH is the case (will be in 2 days) Therefore, I know that Air noctua is very good, but I am going to stick with the AIO. Will the EVGA CLC 280 be a good option ? I meant to overlock CPU to 5.0GHZ not past it
  3. So worth getting it right? it's like 70$
  4. tell you truth price is not a problem atm, I am willing to pay about 150$-200$ for it, if its worth it. Yeah I can buy from here as well, its like georgian craiglist
  5. From the cases you have provided only this is available https://allmarket.ge/product/59256/qeisi-deepcool-matrexx-55-mesh-add-rgb-4f-atx-mid-tower-case-140mm×3_120mm×3
  6. I was thinking getting either 240 or 360 for i9 9900k atm its 120m
  7. Greetings, people hope you are doing well. I am in need of help with the PC cases, to sum up my specs: CPU: i9 9900k GPU: GTX 1070 hope will upgrade soon HDD/SSD: 2x 970 Samsung EVO Nvme Therefore I am trying to get good looking PC case with the decent airflow, as I will need to change the AIO for my i9 9900k in the future; Atm I have Goldenfield NB17... PC case. As for the location I am in Georgia and ordering from amazon would cost me a lot (VAT + Weight etc) , therefore I am stuck with local markets. Below you can find website w
  8. Well if I trade my current ones, I need to add like 15$ to get TridenzG 3200 MHZ
  9. So upgrading my RAM would make a difference for example to g skill trident z 3200 ? 2x8
  10. Yeap I did it, I got one Now I need RAM suggestion if possible ) Atm, I am running HyperfuryX 2x8GB 2666 MHZ, overclocked to 3200 MHZ Now i need
  11. I was just checking local prices that's why. So there is no point from going to my M/B to 10th Gen one for example with the 10700k ?
  12. Got one more question, would it be better to switch from z390 to z490 ? I mean going to 10th Gen instead of 9900k ? if yes, which CPU and M/B should I go with ?