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    Student, work


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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    RTX 2070
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    Idk random cheap case
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    1tb hdd,1,2tb ssd
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    Seasonic m12
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    X2 1080p monitors
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    Stock ryzen
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    logitech pro
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    Corsair m55
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    beyerdynamic dt 990
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  1. yeah ill let you know if it does a comeback
  2. i tried reinstalling drivers again and i took power off from my pc till the cmos light from motherboard went off and now theres no scrolling issues left what the hell lmao
  3. Hi, suddenly windows 10 is automatically scrolling only in some softwares and windows menus,i have rollbacked my pc, i have cleaned usb ports but nothing seems to fix it i have also reinstalled drivers etc
  4. gonna try dt 990 those seem pretty good
  5. Im not too sure, but my current headphones are studio and i like them, afak hifi is for ppl that listen music and studio is for ppl that produce music, correct me if im wrong, if thats the case i think hifi is way to go
  6. Lol typo in title epic gamer moment
  7. Hi, im looking for new headphones, mainly for listening music Im willing to spend max 200euros, i think with that amount i should get good headphones, ive had now AT m40x, and ive liked them, but its time to upgrade ive been considering beyerdynamic DT 990, but im sure theres some better options. Thanks in advance
  8. oh yeah, im going to wait then, unless i find good deal for 2070 super
  9. any recommendations, im willing to spend like around 300-500euros on gpu
  10. Hi, im thinking to upgrade my cpu / gpu, i currently have Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 590, but im not sure which one should i upgrade first. I guess i should mention that i just bought rift s, so im spending a lot time in VR, so i guess gpu would be the one to be upgraded? Currency: Euros Country: Finland
  11. Go to sound settings and see if "Stereo Mix" is on, if its on disable it
  12. Yeah it sounds like the psu is bad, buy a new psu and see if it fixes it