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  1. not sure if this is the best place to ask, but i cant find an answer anywhere. i have been making a map for csgo in hammer for a few weeks now, it was coming along good and then when i am adding the finishing touches , the lighting stops working, or the textures or something. any help would be greatly appreciated. here are sone screen shots of the issue...
  2. GREAT! now all they need is games that arnt battlefeild and titanfall that i actually want
  3. the fins are pipes pretty much, they have a a large surface-area to dissipate heat, the water flows through a channel within the fin in a zig zag, not just straight through the radiator.
  4. if you have the patience wait, but i know thats hard. a 780ti should push 4k well enough. 800 series has not yet been announced
  5. i like the way its only nice android phone
  6. they are on their way out already, but im sure there will soon be a new way to pay for things on silk road soon enough after bitcoin goes
  7. ? btw, i got a ruby never settle code from ocuk. i didnt know that existed!
  8. so i got my copy of thief from my never-settle code last week, however when i try to launch it, it will only play for 1-5 mins then crash. i have tryed every thing to fix and i cant find a soultion. specs: 3570k : r9 290 : 750w psu : windows 8.0 : catalyst 14.2 (i have tryed stable drivers also) and sufficient cooling. please help, i really want to play this game
  9. it dosent matter, if i delete all of it il will just sync it
  10. im in a bit of a pickle, my music library on my htc one has doubled up all my music and i dont know how to delete all the songs at once, can someone tell me how ps. im not an audiophile and i dont care that the default music player on the htc is shite
  11. me and my best bud wish to build a steam machine. we only need to get a cpu, mobo and ram as we have all other necessary components. i am going to build a custom case for it. what cpu, mini itx mobo and ram do you recommend we get? current components: 550w psu. amd 6870 1tb sshd we are not looking for a beast that can run metro at 4k, we just need to be able to play most games at medium /low setting as it will mostly be used as a streaming box. WiFi build into mobo would be nice to have also thanks.