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    i7 4770k
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    ASUS Sabertooth Z87
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    32gb Kingston Hyper X Black
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    Dual EVGA GTX 780ti Superclocked
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    Enthoo Primo
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    1tb Evo storage, 248gb intel 730 boot
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    AXI 1200w
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    ASUS MX279H
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    Custom Water loop
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    Corsair K95
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    Steel Series Sensei
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    Logitech G930+

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  1. so i picked up a mk7 gti and im really wanting to mod and toy around with it. im thinking of some APR tunes and putting a turbo muffler delete on it. any suggestions?
  2. i feel stupid cause i clicked on a bad trade link and lost over 250$ in guns. i cant even play the game now cause it just reminds me how stupid i am
  3. so my steam recently was hacked and i immediately filled out a support ticket then sent them screenshots of how they stole my csgo items (including my factory new flip knife doppler) i received a confirmation from steam after sending it on sunday but have yet to hear back from them with anything. is this normal?
  4. The 500$ one your seeing is 1200$ retail but is 50 something % off
  5. Also there is a 1200$ watch on mass drop for sale at the moment.
  6. Ok I see your point. But why not try? Who does it hurt and what do we loose?
  7. ive developed a little obsession for fine timepieces and have started a mass drop poll for 1000-2500$ swiss watches. What I'm asking for is your opinion and for you to add suggestions to the poll. SHARE LINK: dro.ps/v/EhM9VRG
  8. i do my homework and study and my marks are average but she just pulls it on me that untill i get straight A's i shouldnt be wasting time on video games.
  9. so my mother absolutely hates it when i play games whether its on the pc or xbox. every time i play them she either makes me stop and gives me a whole lecture on how i should be doing better things with my life or just limits my time playing. to be fair i only play on average 1-2 hours ish a day. how can i explain to her that they are actually fun and aren't pointless? please dont troll i just want the opinion of other forum members.
  10. its a good water block but you can never run the card without having on a loop. imo id go with the preinstalled block
  11. no it was happening b4 i changed the psu