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  1. Congratulations, LTT/LMG! I would prefer to win the Blade 14. I would use it for school and gaming. So thin! Good luck to everyone.
  2. I am currently running integrated Graphics with my i7 <3 I want to upgrade to polaris because of how good I have been hearing that it is and having dedicated graphics would be nice.
  3. This is amazing how they can fit such an amazing projector in such a small device. Truly astonishing!!! Good luck.
  4. I want to win the Excalibur Keyboard because I don't have a mechanical keyboard and it looks so awesome. I'll finally be able to enjoy the loud clicks of a mechanical keyboard.
  5. Miniature PC's are so useful since they can be used in nearly any application, they can be used as media pc's connected to televisions. These small devices are amazing and much more convenient for transportation!!! THANK YOU ZOTAC AND LMG
  6. I had the exact problem, it was pissing me off. then my computer wouldnt even boot!!
  7. Welcome To the ultimate submission, Goodluck to all.
  8. I look for a good gpu, but never been able to get one. that is why I need this pc. I have and run off of an AMD Fusion C-50 processor in a laptop and it is terrible
  9. OMG I AM SO HAPPY. Good Luck to everyone and congrats to whom ever may win this AMAZING PRIZE. I have a flip phone currently, It would make me so happy to win this :D. https://www.facebook.com/keenekid8?ref=tn_tnmn Link to My homepage that will have the Shared link. I couldnt figure out how to get the link to the exact post but it is the most recent post I LOVE YOU HTC
  10. Thanks For the AWESOME GIVAWAY LINUS, SLICK, INTEL, and GIGIBYTE. You, Linus and Slick are amazing watch your videos all the time. Every single video is watched by me at least once. I Really need this setup. All i have right now is a laptop. Terrible :( dual core, 1 ghz. running. Horrendous processor. Good luck everybody and Congradulations on the ones who are chosen. I will forever love your videos. Very informative, will help me on every rig i ever make! :D