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    I dont use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Orange County California, United States of America
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    I am Shane I go to school, I'm in JV water polo. I'm stem club president. I'm anime club president. I'm school Treasurer. SOme friends and I program and build computers together.
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    CEO, Zodiac Technologies; School Treasurer

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  1. I think in Win7 and up windows remembers your drives and letters, but don't quote me
  2. Pretty good processor for single core performance for multi core its kinda shotty
  3. i never knew you could price match, thanks for the advice
  4. there are even websites that connect you to people who live near retail stores and they'll buy and ship the item to you for a fee
  5. there are ways were you can pay a employee a fee to purchess the item and ship it to you
  6. I prefer this combo http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/G3258Bundle.aspx
  7. http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/G3258Bundle.aspx IN STORE ONLY!!!! (good thing i live close to one)
  8. potato salad about to become extinct?

  9. Hentai, Onaholes, waifu pillows, food, people, faces,questions, obvious shit
  10. alphadragon


    Luka do you like bands?