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  1. The standard one is good enough! Unless you wanna go water cooling for that extra look?
  2. Im guessing your happy with audio quality too when not using amp?
  3. When your headset is loud does your mic pick up the audio? Are you also using an AMP?
  4. So i'm looking at getting a a Sennheiser GSP setup, i want to know a few things. With my Razer Nari headset when the headset is loud, my microphone picks it up. Will the GSP 500 pick up loud noise? If not ill probably get the 600? Are the 600's comfortable and do they get hot on your ears?
  5. I already have an SSD, looking at getting a Lian Li PC-011XL!
  6. What are some cool PC parts to get for christmas? My girlfriend is asking what i want and i have compiled a wish list but looking for some extra options, max price should be around £200? ive been looking at cases/SSD's! If you find any good black friday deals, let me know too!
  7. So I have my Netgear Nighthawk set up, upstairs next to my main pc set up. I use a tp link wifi extender to extend my wifi to the downstairs as the house is 3 floors. The extender copys my main router SSID and password, the only problem is my phone dosent auto connect to the best network, it will stay on 1 bar of signal until I turn the wifi on the phone off and back on. Is there anyway to fix this?
  8. It is defiantly a GPU bottleneck, just loaded up some games and checked. What GPU does everyone reccomend for 1440p 144hz gaming?
  9. I've been trying to run games on ultra settings and 1440P, its most probably my GPU holding my system back right? On games like csgo ect it gets more than enough frames, as soon as I go to overwatch, gta ect that's when I can only get 110 frames max
  10. It's just my computer struggles to get 144fps all the time, would that be down to the GPU do you think?
  11. So currently I have a I7 6700K, i want to be upgrading to a Ryzen 7 3700x. I also have a 1080 ROG GPU I game alot at 1440P 144Hz, and will want to do a little bit of streaming/video editing on the side. Not alot. Will this be an upgrade worth it? Or am I better spending my money elsewhere?
  12. Its bugging out for me? it says its in my libary, but it isnt there, so when im on the marketplace webpage, it says plat game? But when i press that button, it just refreshes?