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  1. As the title says, i recently upgraded my case mobo ect, but im finding it really hard to make the build look clean with the USB 3.0 cables and the USB cable! Anyone have any tips on how to make it look clean and better? Or do you just not plug them in? Also what do you guys do to hide AIO wires. Im using a NZXT Aio
  2. Update: I think the monitoring software is reading the temperature of certain cores, as the temps are different in ryzen master by about 10 degrees. cpu is idling at 40
  3. So ive just upgraded my system to a 5900x, Im having a problem where i need to boot the system is CSM mode for it to boot to windows. Ive read up that i need to change the drive to GPT, is there any way i can do that without installing windows again?
  4. Thank you I posted a screenshot of all the monitoring software while cinebench r23 is running on multi core!
  5. When auto oc isnt on i get max temps of 72 Celsius !
  6. Im running around 45/55 Celsius on idle with my 5900x, and 82 degrees on a all core stress test with a 360mm aio and auto oc enabled? Is this right? What are your temps and scores on cinebench?
  7. As the title says. His computer is in a different room i believe and was wondering how he connects all his peripherals? Links to items would be appreciated!
  8. Yeah i run 9 fans, AIO ect! 3080 seems to draw alot of power too so id prefer to go overkill. Always good to future proof for future components too!
  9. Looks good, has lots of connections and ive heard good things about seasonic! Just was a reliable PSU seeing as my currect RM650 has lasted for 5/6 years and ive been through two systems on it!
  10. Refer to this graph on the efficiency of the PSU, it shows max efficiency at around 500W which is 50% of max capacity SyPo6Jy.png (1192×334) (imgur.com)
  11. You want to be drawing around 60% of your PSUs capacity in order for it to be preforming at maximum efficiency, so yes it will be overkill, but it will be preforming at maximum efficiency. Also a 3080 recommends a 750w PSU.
  12. Just looking to get some opinions on this power supply supply, and wanted to get opinions on this. The tier lsit confuses me abit as there is a prime listed in tier a, but GX is listed as tier 2? Will be using it to power a 3900x and 3080. Seasonic PRIME GX 1000 Watt Full Modular 80+ Gold PSU/Power Supply LN104048 - Prime GX 1000 | SCAN UK
  13. Whats the best vertical GPU mount for this case? I want the lian li one but it is sold out everywhere! What are the other best ones to use?