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  1. God that chrome rigid tubing looks amazing I wonder how it will look in black on a spray-painted-white ASUS sabertooth :huh:
  2. Actually you can stream occulus games to it... The way limelight works is your tablet does literally nothing. All the work is done by the computer (you can use limelight-pi to stream to a raspberry pi... trust me when I say that a nexus 5 has enough power). So if you had a game on your computer -> Applied a filter to it (or just run an occulus game on your computer) -> Streamt to android phone -> Phone is inside the cardboard and you use bluetooth mouse/keyboard or a controller to control it.
  3. So as I'm sure many of you have heard Google has released an app called "Google Cardboard" too allow users to have virtual reality with nothing but their phone, a cardboard box, and a couple lenses. All you have to do is download the app and either build your own or purchase a pre-assembled cardboard vr set (~$25) then simply slip your phone in the box and launch the app. When you look into the box each eye will see half the screen and you will see in 3D. But wait! There's More! An app called "Limelight Gamestream" exists for android that basically catches the signal output of the Nvidia gamestream to use any android device as a shield tablet so basically you can stream ANYTHING from your PC to your android. Drum roll please.... Now imagine them.... combined! <Insert head explosion here> Now I haven't found an app that will do this yet but if something exists to cardboard-ify anything on your phones screen then you would be able to stream say I don't know... Fallout New Vegas to your device and take a walk around the Mojave dessert without needing to purchase anything addition except for the cardboard itself. https://cardboard.withgoogle.com/ http://limelight-stream.com/
  4. Mmmmm the photon 270 looks great... to bad my tower (Phantom 630) is like 600mm tall and that is 270mm long... Maybe I wil get 2x 170mm
  5. Yeah it looks like I will be going with option 3. What is a "silver kill coil"? Is there a specific product page you could link me to as an example? Are there any real differences between liquid biocide and silver? Also, do you know of any really cool reservoirs that have built in LED lighting? (I have seen the t-virus and am not a big fan of the spiral... Looks too "zerg"y lol) Thanks so much for your help
  6. So I will be starting a custom watercooling loop soon and one part I am completely stuck on is the coolant/tube combo. I really really really really want a coloured loop. As I see it there are 3 options: 1. Clear tubing + Pre-coloured coolant 2. Clear tubing + H2O + dye 3. Coloured tubing + H2O (if there are other options I would love to hear them) As I understand it, pre-coloured coolant is terrible for your loop and will muck it up >%50 of the time (according to the interwebs). Using a dye is safer but you will still need to clean the loop very often (more often) and will most likely need to replace the tubing because it will get "cloudy". Using pure distilled water is BY FAR the best option but it means that any see through components that aren't coloured (like coloured tubing) will not have colour. Essentially I am asking is a dye worth the risk? Does coloured tubing w/ clear liquid not look that bad? Also I have heard about something called a "biocide" but have no idea what this is, could someone please explain it to me? Thank-you people of the interwebs
  7. Hello people of the internet! I am fairly new to this forum and wanted to start a thread about a home server for in-home streaming games and online video but I don't know where to put this thread? In fact I don't know where I should be posting this question so I'll just leave it here.... So... where can I post questions about home server/home theatre/home gamestream servers? Thanks