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  1. Are you running a g3258 in your system?
  2. Good cpu: for budget: $150: i5 4440 $250 i5 4690k <$100 pentium g3258. The 280x for preformance. The 960 for anything else. [Power draw, heat output, etc.]
  3. WAT. Nvidia doesn't make desktop cpu's...
  4. sorry for replying twice, on mobile myself
  5. wait, is there a fix in there or do I need to report it.
  6. Even when I use the full version of ltt on my mobile device I don't have options to post pictures, change fonts, etc. is there any way to fix this?
  7. Customer: I'm having problems connecting to the Internet wirelessly. Me: *connects to store wifi just fine* Me: do you have wireless internet at your house? Customer: what's that Me:...
  8. then you might want to invest in an ssd.
  9. i mean a factory reload, where you delete everything and reinstall windows.
  10. would you be able to do a reload on your computer and see if that fixes the problems?
  11. I'd recommend bigger than 600watts
  12. Lucky. I live in a small city in Texas so we will never get it
  13. Sounds like a really old hdd. Is it an ide one?
  14. gigabyte z97x-sli has worked fine for me and i have a similar processor to yours.
  15. The g1 gaming gtx 960. i own it personally and i love it.
  16. Ok, i used shadowplay and premiere and it worked great for me.
  17. Beast pc You can still use it 50 years later. [Not sure it will be much of a beast, but you get the point.]