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  1. Yes, that's exactly what these are for.
  2. They are available in Germany. The R1 Ultimate is around 70€. https://www.alternate.de/Cryorig/R1-Ultimate-CPU-K%FChler/html/product/1120919?campaign=K%C3%BChlung/Cryorig/1120919 This company really starts to grow on me. Love the concept of interchangeable Covers. Ah, and this is not a new Heatsink called Custommod R1. It is a new accesorie line called Custommod.
  3. MeisterLampe82

    Google opens its first branded retail store

    Well, that's their first one in the UK right? In Hamburg Germany there is one in a Saturn Electronic Store since 2013.
  4. MeisterLampe82

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    Really cool bundle. While all Parts would be a nice an welcome upgrade for me, i would go with the kuhler as my top pick. Since i like the Design and it would be, after using pc's for 20 Years, my very first Watercooling solution.
  5. It's a Powerfull, efficient and very cool looking card. Also it would be a really nice upgrade from my two 5770's