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  1. what about put another working gpu in and use the motherboard with hotswap pcie to see if it shows up Linus?
  2. Yes i totally agree with myself here. It doesn't even have to be just two teams maybe three or four teams
  3. 1: choose a random country or allow viewers to strawpoll vote for a country 2: both teams travel to a place with in that country. Again, randomly selected or voted on 3: try to build/buy a pc Just the idea of the teams trying to find shops and communicate with sellers in Columbia or North korea! yes that would be entertaining I think my idea would be great. what do you think???
  4. most people don't realise that in every 90 degree bend in water pipes you lose 50% of the pressure so a basic watercooled pc setup one pump is designed to power but if you start adding bends for more parts like extra reservoirs, radiators then one pump will (might) not be enough. also its better to have two incase one stops working. I don't think linus has ever mentioned this. (maybe they are doing it from experience of watercooling all pc one office. Remember that big fail!?! lol that was funny)
  5. I have an idea for you. how about rfid activation of pc through glass? this item for $14 gave me the idea. (image) you can use keypad access code, RFID keyfob or both for extra security. If you already have an rfid pass of some sort (work id) then it can detect that aswell. If you want to change what the label on the keypad is you can make your own then print and simply use Pritt stick (other glues are available) to stick over keypad. it runs on 12 volts so that makes life easier the only problem would be reset but I thought of a nifty idea using two little magnets and two magnetic relay switches. the reason for two reed switches is you don't want to place something magnetic on the table and accidently reset the pc while your in the middle of something very important so Two reed switches in series so you have to activate them both with magnets and you can place them on opposite ends of the table under the glass then reach for the magnets which you have discreetly hidden inside (two rubber ducks for instance) links on amazon for main parts below door key pad https://www.amazon.com/Docooler-Proximity-Access-Control-System/dp/B009NQUPZW/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1475527771&sr=8-15&keywords=keypad+door+lock reed switches https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Voltage-Current-Normally-Magnetic/dp/B00PI6TUQG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475530012&sr=8-1&keywords=reed+switches C U in the Verse
  6. Its like a giant bottle opener with gamers in mind. ive always wondered if a projector could display on clouds well enough to game at night, kind of like batman signal. or LG signal... OR durDulLurdelLurdelLurdel LINUS MEDIA GROUP
  7. scrapyard wars We all need backups right! worst case scenario... whole business and home desimated in a freak meteor shower that seems to target all your network and pc hardware and backup systems and all you have is the week old backup of all data from all servers and pcs, one little case that holds tape back ups of everything, But no hardware and also you can not replace any hardware with original parts because as fate would have it, your old system was so unique it was considered collecters items and you just cant afford the heavy price of such historical objects so you buy what ever you can instead because its cheaper. so can you recover everything on to completely different hardware and obviously update drivers to new hard config and how long would it take. Downtime costs. from intel to amd or amd to intel now I think about it more there could be many variables but I just like the idea of recovering to what ever hardware I can find and afford and the challenges there in!