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    ayy lmao
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    money, women, computers, hockey eh
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    school (hell)

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  1. everyone on ltt hates me confirmed besides peen.no-ip.biz peeps

    1. KingCry


      Bruh we love you

    2. Savant


      ur a peen.no-ip.biz peep but ily 2 babe

  2. i j got the shits

  3. Savant

    [Review] Macbook Air 2012 [After 3 years of use]

    What laptop now?
  4. Savant

    Can I run PC 60HZ with this?

    You know people upgrade GPUs?
  5. Savant

    Can I run PC 60HZ with this?

    You going to gripe on everything?
  6. Savant

    Can I run PC 60HZ with this?

    Sorry, haven't slept. Can I run this monitor with my PC using a 60HZ refresh rate?
  7. Savant

    Can I run PC 60HZ with this?

  8. Like when I plug it in it asks headphones or mic? Which do I click?
  9. Which do you click? When I click headphones, there's no mic. vice versa.
  10. Dang that sucks. The case was all looks anyways.
  11. Look up the Level 10, not the GT.