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  1. trace6x

    Headphone Virtual Surround Sound

    The implementation of virtual surround sound for gaming has been driving me nuts for years, I've never had a clear answer. In regards to the video, when using software solutions such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, Razer surround, or Dolby headphone, what settings am I supposed to be checking in windows and in game? Some say to leave every setting as 2.1 stereo, then enable the software solutions, where as others say to set everything to set windows or in game to 5.1/7.1 then enable the software solution. Or some games don't even have that option and just have a vague TV/headphone mode, or some games (like overwatch) actually have things like Dolby Atmos already built and combining that with another program I imagine would not be the correct way to use it.
  2. I've seen a few videos showing the fps gain with faster frequency memory. I'm also wondering if a quad core is really obsolete? How many games actually use 4 cores let alone 6? And it is DDR4 memory
  3. I have an 8GB 2400mhz stick of ram lying around and I'm wondering if I should purchase a motherboard and an i5 8600k or some faster ram, a motherboard and an i3 8350k. Mainly for gaming, I'm worried that the single stick of ram won't perform as well as faster ram
  4. Yeah I think that's the problem, I'd be interested to see the DVD version of the film. The thought of adjusting TV settings to make the image look worse on purpose is just crazy! I'll definitely check out some non CGI content though.
  5. Breaking the illusion is what I meant, it's supposed to be a super natural film, I'm supposed to believe these are real people but it seemed far too easy to tell they were actors in front of a green screen. I'd have to watch a DVD version to compare, maybe a more realistic film with less CGI would be better
  6. I bought into the 4k hype and watched Thor Ragnorok on Blu ray the other day. It looked pretty amazing but I couldn't help but notice all that detail made every scene look too real. I found it so easy to tell that these were actors in a studio in front of a green screen, I could see which parts of the scene were real and which parts were CGI. The actors all looked like they were actors wearing costumes, as opposed to actual believable characters. Don't get me wrong the CGI was really impressive but I don't remember watching DVDs back in the day and thinking 'Well I can see the aliasing on those edges and these transitions between real scenery and CGI scenery are awful'. This wasn't the soap opera effect as I had the motion option turned off. What do you guys think? Do I need to try some films with less CGI?
  7. Thanks! Got myself a noctua cooler so that's fine.
  8. Reckon I should just buy a z370 board now instead of waiting then?
  9. Will the other motherboard chip sets not support overclocking?
  10. trace6x

    trying better thermal paste

    I don't have any accurate measurements but my card was topping out at 83 degrees @ 100% power when mining and it dropped down to a maximum of 78 on the same settings. Idle temperatures reduced to the 30s and after adjusting the power settings to about 70% I haven't seen it go over 70 degrees, pretty sure it helped! Especially as the old paste seemed dry and cracked
  11. I'm looking into finally upgrading from a i7 2600k to an i5 8600k but I'm a bit confused about the different motherboards and chipsets. The z370 motherboards are the only ones available at the moment, it looks like there are others coming soon that will be cheaper but what will be the difference and should I wait for them to arrive? Or should I look into getting a ryzen 5, although I've never been very interested in AMD's CPUs Thanks! Forgot to mention I will be wanting to overclock, is that feature exclusive to the Z370 motherboards?
  12. trace6x

    trying better thermal paste

    msi gtx 1080 gaming x, it worked great by the way!
  13. trace6x

    Best thermal paste?

    They're not all the same, different pastes perform better than others.
  14. trace6x

    Case fan questions

    I have three front 140mm intake fans and ramping them up to 100% seems to offer no decrease in temps, perhaps it would over a longer period of time but I'd say it's probably not worth the extra fans if you have sufficient airflow.
  15. trace6x

    2nd hand GPU running very hot

    Update I bought some thermal grizzly conductonaut liquid metal instead and replaced the old thermal paste on the card which looked pretty dry. Was previously capping out at 83 degrees and I think the highest I've seen so far is around 77 degrees! Non load temps are 10-15 degrees lower and ramping up the fan speeds under load now reduces temperatures to the high 60s. Pretty happy with that result!