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  1. Brilliant! I'll definetly consider it seeing as I'm pretty sure I'm out of options.
  2. It was working before yes, but I had been experiencing crashing before it totally went. The PCIe power cable are definetly firmly connected, I've tried it in another machine also.
  3. I think my 1080 has failed, it lights up, but no fan spin and no output to monitor. Nothing wrong with the rest of the computer, power supply or monitor (I've tried it in another machine), I suspect it might not be getting power from the power cables if the fans aren't spinning up but I have no idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's out of warranty, I think the last hope would be to try heating it up with a heatgun (like the oven method I've seen on Youtube). Bad time to lose a gpu eh?
  4. Looking to pull together a team of 6 on Modern Warfare to play normal pub matches (tdm, dom, KF etc) UK, usually play in the evenings, mic required, not bothered about platform but I am keen on winning! Drop me a PM on Discord (same username) and hopefully we can get some people together!
  5. I seem to remember Linus said they were shooting their videos in HDR now. How come they look better on a non HDR display even though you need a HDR display to see the colours correctly?
  6. My budget is around £500 $600ish, although if it's worth spending more on something significantly better I might consider. I'll be watching movies on blu ray (or blu ray rips), netflix and the ambient light is low level living room lighting from lamps. Thanks!
  7. I'm wondering about LCD or OLED or QLED. Will an LCD TV ever match up to the image quality of an OLED TV? Is there much difference in a low end 4k LCD display and a high end 4k LCD display? What is a good good midrange option for televisions these days? I'd be watching movies and TV, not much gaming. Any advice?
  8. I can't quite see without taking it apart but I can't find the extra pins from looking. Thank you!
  9. I bought a generic USB C to type A adapter to make use of the USB C port on my motherboard but the speeds don't match up. On the left are the speeds when connecting an external USB 3.0 drive directly to a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port and on the right is the same device but connected to a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Port only USB C with the adapter. Am I missing something here or is it just a crappy converter? I did get it from Ebay but I want to be sure before I send it back.
  10. Swapped the ram to the other slots and it boots up fine with the profile enabled. Thanks so much guys!
  11. I had no idea, will report back later if it's working okay. Thanks!
  12. Shit I put them in slot 1 and 3, does that actually make a difference? I'll change them when I get home, thank you! Also I am on the latest BIOS just to confirm
  13. These are already the settings applied by DOCP but I'll give it a try!
  14. I've just bought a new Ryzen 5 2600x with an ROG strix B450-F gaming motherboard and 16gb of corsair vengeance ram but I can't get the ram to run at 3200mhz. I've enabled the default D.O.C.P (XMP) profile which set the correct timings and voltage etc but it won't boot at 3200mhz, the highest I got was 2800mhz The timings for the ram are 16-18-18-36 I've tried setting the voltage to 1.35v, 1.4v as well as (I think it was the board chipset voltage) to 1.1v and still no dice. I've also flashed the latest motherboard BIOS. I just assumed ram worked out of the bo
  15. Great thanks, looks like I just need to get the AM4 bracket and I should be good to go
  16. I'm about to purchase a new CPU, RAM and motherboard. If I puchase a ryzen 5 2600 can I later upgrade to a 3600? What should I be looking for when it comes to motherboards? I'm not bothered about asthetics, as long as I can overclock the CPU and it has enough USB ports for my VR setup that's all I need really. Will my noctua cooler be compatible with the a new motherboard? I think it's a NH-D15, or something from that line. Thanks!
  17. I'm not sure, how would I know?
  18. Yeah the temps are fine, I recently replaced the thermal paste so that's all okay. I'm just assuming the card is getting enough power, I have a 750w psu, I suppose I could plug the 6+8 pin connectors on another power supply to try
  19. I'm pretty certain my MSI GTX 1080 is on in it's way out, I get regular crashing during games unless I underclock it, have artefacts when running at 144hz, pretty sure it's the GPU. Do I have any options aside from buying a new one because it's out of warranty? MSI's support said to contact Amazon but I bought it second hand so I only have access to an invoice. Thanks
  20. I didn't replace them no, they weren't torn or anything though. could that be the problem?
  21. Yeah I just replaced the thermal compound, it was previously in the high 80s but now It's fine, low 70s
  22. I keep seeing flashes of lines across the screen, seems like a form of artifacting. Games regularly crash if I don't underclock the core clocks. I've attached a video: https://youtu.be/TnDFHHK0uXs Any suggestions about what I can do? It's out of warranty and I've done all the basic reinstall drivers etc MSI GTX 1080
  23. No matter what temperature limit in MSI Afterburner I set for my GTX 1080, it won't stick to It's currently set at 75 degrees but running at 81 degrees. I'm a bit stuck because temp limits work fine on my other card and had previously worked fine a few weeks ago. Temp limits are because of bitcoin mining just in case anyone was wondering why.
  24. The implementation of virtual surround sound for gaming has been driving me nuts for years, I've never had a clear answer. In regards to the video, when using software solutions such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, Razer surround, or Dolby headphone, what settings am I supposed to be checking in windows and in game? Some say to leave every setting as 2.1 stereo, then enable the software solutions, where as others say to set everything to set windows or in game to 5.1/7.1 then enable the software solution. Or some games don't even have that option and just have a vague TV/headphone mode, or
  25. I've seen a few videos showing the fps gain with faster frequency memory. I'm also wondering if a quad core is really obsolete? How many games actually use 4 cores let alone 6? And it is DDR4 memory