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  1. Its too early for me to write something constructive, so here's my entry post
  2. Of course, I tried to calibrate it myself for a few hours and tried different settings I found online but none of them looks close to what I had expected. also, the colors don't look horrible, they just look washed out,, at least compared to my old Samsung 2443 LCD Monitor. And don't get me wrong, the contrast of this Monitor looks great and I really like the sharpness of this Monitor, its just the colors and that white glow on the corners.
  3. Hello guys, now, I'm a bit ashamed to ask you this question. Normally I am able to do my own research, but because of the following I am a bit unsure what to do: Now, I want a new, good Monitor, so after some research I got myself the Dell U2412M. The review are great and so I thought I could not go wrong with this one. Now I have the Monitor here since Saturday and I do not like it at all. The colors are slightly washed out, colors look worse than my old Samsung Monitor that I used as my primary Monitor before, and what really bugs me is that white glow on dark areas that this Monitor produces. After some research I figured out that this is quit normal for IPS and that Dell "revised" this Monitor a little while back. Now, I wouldn't mind the white glow if the colors would look great, but they don't. So, before buying another Monitor which looks similar, I wanted to ask you guys first. Now, I want a 23-24" Monitor, 16:9 or 16:10. It just should have some nice colors and a sharp display, all for around 200-300€/$ Now, after a little research, I found the BENQ XL2411T What do you guys think about this Monitor? Any good? Its 144hz, which is quite nice, but I wonder if I would mind going from 16:10 to 16:9. Or do you guys have any other Monitor in mind that would be better? Thanks for any help in advance. Greetings!
  4. well, doesn't look that bad, but after seeing the full cover block for the 590 I expected more from swiftech.
  5. Das Keyboard Professional I might switch to a Filco TKL with Blues, but I need some more money for that. And I want to wait for my new keycaps to arrive.
  6. MX-Blue all the way. I used a Steelseries 6gv2 with Blacks before, and switched to a DASKeyboard Prof. with Blues and loved it. Yesterday, I had the chance to try out a MX-Brown keyboard, but really missed the clicky sound I would love to try out Red, Clear and especially greens, but there are no keyboards available here. maybe I should buy me one of those Switch-testers.
  7. EVGA GTX 690 Hyper Copper Just looks beast with that perfect waterblock.
  8. I can't instal the driver for my HD 7970 for some reason. Every time I try to install 13.1, it says that there was a warning message while the setup was running, and I can't open Catalyst either since it says that it does not exist. I tried reinstalling the driver several times, even tried to completely sweep the driver, but still no change. Going back to 12.8 was no problem what so ever.
  9. A few months ago, Linus made a few videos where he said that the camera man was the camera man, and you could tell by the way the camera was handed. Camera Man has a very own style with a lot of closeups etc. which I really liked. Wish diesel & slick could do the same more often.
  10. Using tubing which was too big for my whole watercooling loop. When I wanted to add a CPU waterblock, the tubing got lose and got fluid all over my Graphics card and fans. Luckily, the card survived. And my current mistake is not drilling holes for my radiator. I was lazy and just used double sided tape to fix the radiator and fans. but now the air just passes by the small holes on the outside of the radiator.
  11. I always turn it off cause I always notice mouse lag when I turn vsync on. Never experienced tearing thou.
  12. I did many common mistakes like not plugging in the PCI-E connectors and freaking out, thinking that my system is dead. But my worst mistake of all was in my first watercooling loop. On the website I was buying the parts, they said that my ordered 1/4 nozzles are suitable for my 10mm tubing, which it was, but it was very loose. Lazy me then proceed to build the loop and it was not leaking, but 2 months later, I was swapping my radiator and when It tried to remove my graphics card to empty the loop, the tubing got lose and liquid got all over my fans and my graphics card (7970 btw) Then I tried to clean the waterblock on the graphics card with tap water in my kitchen, so I glued a tube, connected to the waterblock with the graphics card installed on it, with duck tape, but it got lose and got tapwater all over my Graphics card. Then I obviously panicked cause I thought the card will be dead. But luckily I dried it off quite good and it is still working till this day. sorry for my obscure english.
  13. If you do some modifications to the FT02, you can watercool it, you just have to remove or shorten the harddrive cage. I did this with mine and it fits a 3x180mm Rad now. Was less work than I expected.