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  1. Holy, so my Shield pyroTablet will do something good for once (maybe).
  2. Nigger is bad word. You shouldn't call another person nigger, in no circumstances. Nigger is a racial slur, so it's offencive. Also if you said nigger, you should be sorry for what you've said. You won't be sued for saying nigger (cause free of speech, all that good stuff, even for the nigger), but other people can get mad when you say nigger and make false DMCA because of that. That's what i've learned from today.
  3. Our office in Ukraine got hit by that. Seems like it sniffed through M.E.doc software (absolute standard there for bookkeeping reports to government). M.E.doc said that they were hacked, so their update contained virus. Ukraine, in general, was hit the hardest (due to additional and VERY strong vector of attack). No severe dmg was done, but that was fcking scary - Ukrainian biggest airport Borispyl (KBP) was hit, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was somewhat hit (automatic radiation lvl control was down for awhile), some banks (including National Bank of Ukraine) etc. Everything is getting online now, but it was really scary for them for a moment.
  4. Have you ever heard about "Starforse"? I had to crack the games i've bought to play them lol. That system was that "good". I just hope that "something new" won't make bigger damage.
  5. The main reason why these processors are used on z170 mobos is that they have really low clock speeds, compared to ordinary chips. I do not recommend using them on budget mobos. Please check that russian link i've posted - benchmarks for non-overclocked versions are awful. Check if your mobo (and these processors) supports BCLK overclock, tho it's tricky (and even more tricky on those engeneering samples) For reference: Seconds, less is better Seconds, less is better As you can see non-overclocked i7 6400T is worse then even i5-6400, but overclocked version has almost the same perfomance as 6700K. I think we came to conclusion - do not buy it if you can't overclock it. More on that, do not buy it if it will hurt your wallet (remember that it's dodgy as hell, especially A0).
  6. Okay, sorry for "general overview". Step by step - QH8G are from the least stable A0 generation, and there is no possible way to know will it work on your mobo. Maybe it will work with some bios revision (try to check on hwtips.tistory.com), maybe it won't. Without overcloking stability aint too big of an issue (it works surprisigly well for the first samples of new product), but performance won't be top-of-the line. 2.2HZ even with 8 threads aren't too good (tho i recommend to find equivalent Xeon, for example, and compare the scores, you will have at least some impression of performance on that). More on that - with A0 stepping series your PCI-E can be blocked from using rev. 3.0 to rev. 1.0, lul. Or it might be not. Or it can be 2.0. Or it will be 1.0 or 2.0 if you'll flash a special bios which you may or may not find. EXTREME amounts of variables. TL;DR: Research as much as you can before buying. Try to find info (and/or bios) for your exact mobo. Pray. Some benchmarks i've found on some Russian site, give or take: https://3dnews.ru/943526/page-2.html EDIT: And my most valueable advice. Don't do that if you can't affrod to throw that processor away. I've played with it out of pure curiocity, not for practical use (tho i've gifted mobo with overclocked proc to my friend who's still using it)
  7. These chips are legit Skylake CPUs with lower clock speeds and different proceccor stepping. A0 proceccor stepping should be avoided, IMO, as there are lots of troubles with stability (and no iGPU if you care). Q0 processor stepping is what "kinda" safe to get. It's overclocable (as there is no artificial intel block on it), quite stable even under around 4HZ and (in most cases) does not require BIOS update for mobo. Q0 chips have following model numbers: QHJQ, QHQG, QHJE, QHQF with the 2nd and 4th model been most common (2.2 and 2.6 clock speeds respectivly). I don't know, if you need to care about legal side of it, but, of course, it's violation of every possible Intel NDA or EULA. (For you as a customer that shouldn't be a concern) I've had some expeience with QHQG model, and it worked fine*, but your mileage may vary. *By fine i mean it worked in the end, but i've invested 3 days of googling, translating web pages from whatever language they were and actual overclocking on Z170.
  8. My current set is Genius Imperator keyboard, Razer Deathadder(1st gen) mouse. For headset i use AudioTechnica M50x with Modmic 4.0 Updates everywhere.
  9. This is absolutely a blast. And a nice addition to anyone's room setup.
  10. Actually, the backlight gets me. I don't have one on my keybord now, so this would be definetly an upgrade.
  11. Well shit. That's fine, even easier to choose for me
  12. What fo you think guys, this one or LG Urban 2? I'm waiting for black friday to buy either one. Wonder if Urban is worth 100$+ cost. maybe, with a good dicsount...
  13. Cmon, that will perfectly fit under a TV
  14. Obviously keybord is freaking good. Anyway, I_should_buy_a_boat.jpg. You're teasing me with it.
  15. SomeSin

    GeChic 1303H

    Do we have cheaper stuff, maybe smaller and no 1080p? Something like 10" (or even 8") screen at least 720p will do so fucking awesome for me, but i don't want to buy this at a price of 350$ Also, thank you sir for Motorolla Atrix doc idea. The dream is to use my tablet as a screen, but i found it impossible.