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    Computers, computer science, science.
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    Computers, software development and all other computer related subjects are of my interest. You do not need to know more about me.
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    Freelance teenager


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    Manjaro, Argentos, Windows 7

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  1. Maximation

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    My Vessel username is: Puike_Perzik And my favorite videos are: this one and this one I really like the network and diy content and I would like to see more videos about those subjects.
  2. Maximation

    LTT Game *WIP*

    I believe you are still searching for some good 8 bit music, right? These guys make some very good royalty free stuff, for examples this track: By the way, I am in no way affiliated with these guys, I just really like their music. How is your development going?
  3. Maximation

    Linux or Windows for coding?

    My experience is that Linux is way easier to use as a programming environment than Windows, command line interface is so much faster than most of the Windows programming environments. Every time I start developing something on Linux and I later switch to a Windows machine it seems overly complicated to get things set up. Linux is in my opinion the way to go for every kind of software development, except for Microsoft based applications. Luckily I don't like to develop solely for Microsoft devices, so I can stick with my Linux based machines.
  4. Maximation

    Php Login and Register Script

    The Blowfish hashing algorithm is no longer recommended, I believe. There are better options out there.
  5. Maximation

    You know you're a techie when. . .

    When you use a stick of RAM to open letters.
  6. Maximation

    Made a website for shits 'n giggles, watcha think?

    Yup, it is a really fun project, so naturally people will like it, and I am one of them
  7. Maximation

    Made a website for shits 'n giggles, watcha think?

    It did however not pass my responsiveness test. I like to think that a 'system32' folder gets deleted every time a non-responsive website gets launched. But in all seriousness, you have made yourself a really cool portfolio website! But too bad you did not emulate bash.
  8. Maximation

    Sketching software?

    Then I would recommend you to check out Krita. It is specifically designed for digital illustrating. I believe it is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. I am curious for your experiences, be sure to share those so it will help other people too.
  9. Maximation

    Sketching software?

    Krita is a very good and free digital painting tool. Do you have a drawing tablet?
  10. Maximation

    Skype/Communication and Chat

    Mumble is also a very interesting option. I find it way better than teamspeak.
  11. Maximation

    Is web development certification worth it?

    If you want to do freelance work, you only need a very good portfolio and of course enough experience. If you would like to work for a big web development company I assume certificates will also be important.
  12. Maximation

    Website for church

    Mh those WYSIWYG editors look really interesting. I will have a closer look at them.Ah yes, digital ocean, I know they are great. I'll definitely consider them.
  13. Maximation

    Website for church

    The problem is, they are my first customer, so I have no idea how to treat them, at least not from past experiences. I have read a lot about it though. I'm now waiting for them to discuss this with each other, they'll be doing that soon, there they will set a budget.
  14. Maximation

    Website for church

    But should I charge less when I go the easy route? Also, is it worth it to just host it on Github pages?
  15. Maximation

    Website for church

    Haha oh my thought was to not be so greedy as the church was during that time, that's what I mean to remember.