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  1. I used the Intel Software bundle to get Crysis. It did not work with my e-mail, and I tried everything, so I ended up creating a new account, and it worked. It is NOT user friendly as all the reviews said Now I am running Crysis at 7 fps. I have the latest drivers installed, and I am running Valorant @ 70Fps. I want to overclock it. I don't care that much if it dies, because I am replacing it soon. (Hopefully.) I want a Gtx 1650 or better. A 1650 Super is really good. Or I can get a 1050Ti.
  2. Buying stolen/compromised accounts is not safe. This website is quite well known. It might be safe to buy games from there, but buying an account is risky.
  3. I just got my wireless card on Friday. This message was sent using my new PC.
  4. Brains do not resemble life in any way. Life is the true meaning of being active, and burning up energy while time passes, but consciousness is the true key to all the intelligent life of the universe. It is the well being of ones entity. Consciousness is the answer to all living life that has a meaning. To be aware of your surroundings, and to live life freely is the best thing you can possibly do. But not all organisms have a conscious self.
  5. I am actually getting an i9 9900K. Thanks anyway though.
  6. I want to get a 1650 Super once it comes back into stock. Currently, I have a Gt 710 which I will definitely upgrade someday soon. It is 70% faster than the 1050Ti, and it can run Minecraft PVP at 1000 FPS which is awesome.
  7. @RTX 3090 Ok, everyone, I have a question. So the 9900K (from NewEgg) is ordering right now, and I have a question. The 9900KF costs the same price, and it is also from NewEgg. Is the 9900KF better than the 9900K? If so, then should I cancel the shipping of the 9900K, and get the KF?
  8. https://miagid.com/product/geforce-rtx-2080-ti-xc-ultra-gaming-11gb-gddr6-dual-hdb-fans-rgb-led-graphics-card-11gp42383kr_867898.html

    A 2080Ti for $87 This seems too good to be true.




  9. Ok. I won't, just in case I regret something. I just heard about it.